How to Strike Golf Irons PURE – Sergio Garcia’s secrets!

Do you want to learn how to strike golf irons like a pro? Discover Sergio Garcia’s secrets to hitting the ball pure in this exclusive blog post!

How to Strike Golf Irons PURE – Sergio Garcia’s secrets!


If you’ve ever watched Sergio Garcia swing, you know there are few golfers as smooth and impactful as him. Achieving that perfect strike on your golf irons may seem like a distant dream, but fear not, as we dive into the secrets behind Sergio Garcia’s impeccable iron strikes. Let’s unravel the mystery and get you on your way to pure, crisp shots that will make Sergio himself proud!

Mastering the Setup

To get that perfect strike, it all starts with your setup. Remember, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Here’s how you nail it:

  • Align your clubface perpendicular to your target.
  • Position the ball just ahead of center.
  • Maintain a slight knee flex to promote balance and stability.

Unleashing the Swing

Now, it’s time to let it rip! Sergio Garcia is known for his smooth yet powerful swing. Here’s how you can emulate his technique:

  1. Stay connected: Keep your arms close to your body throughout the swing for maximum control.
  2. Full shoulder turn: Achieving a complete shoulder turn allows you to generate more power.
  3. Smooth transition: Avoid jerky movements; instead, transition from backswing to downswing seamlessly.

Perfecting Impact

The moment of truth – impact! Sergio’s consistency comes from his ability to strike the ball cleanly every time. Here’s how you can do it too:

  • Maintain a downward angle of attack.
  • Keep your hands slightly ahead of the clubface at impact.
  • Hit the ball with a slightly descending blow for that pure strike.
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By mastering Sergio Garcia’s secrets, you’re well on your way to striking your golf irons pure consistently. Remember, practice makes perfect, so hit the range and hone your skills to unleash your inner Sergio!


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