Golf Putting – Part 5 – Best Putting Stroke Technique

Putting Stroke Tips – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to strike the ball with the ball and on the importance of a consistent putting stroke.

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Putting fundamentals require good alignment, good grip, good posture, and a putter that sits flat on the ground. These were covered in previous lessons in this series.

Now how do we make a good putting stroke?

Generally speaking, the length of your backswing should match that of your follow through.
The longer the backswing, the longer the follow through, and the longer the putt. Doing so will help in preventing club decelerating into impact with the ball. So essentially, a short rocking stroke for short putts and longer rocking strokes for longer putts.

In a good putting stroke, the clubhead of the putter should travel in a straight line back, and a straight line through. You will want to avoid taking the club back inside (or outside), and the same with the follow through.

Similarly, the clubface of the putter should remain square throughout the putting stroke, never coming into an open or closed position relative to the putting line.

These putting stroke tips will help increase consistency in your putting.

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