How to Still Make Par From Tree Trouble

Are you finding yourself frequently stuck behind trees during your golf rounds? Do those unexpected obstacles make it challenging to stay on par? In this blog post, you will discover effective strategies and tips to help you navigate tree trouble and still make par on the course.

How to Still Make Par From Tree Trouble


When you find yourself in a sticky situation amid the branches and leaves on the golf course, it can be easy to feel defeated and allow frustration to take over. However, with the right mindset and skills, you can still salvage your score and maybe even make par. In this guide, we will dive into the key techniques to assess your options when facing tree trouble, choosing the right club based on your situation, executing the perfect shot, shaping your shot, chipping out with a pitching wedge, shaping the ball with a 60° wedge, considering an aggressive play with a 5-iron, and prioritizing playing smart to secure a decent score.

Assessing Your Options

  • Take a moment to evaluate your surroundings.
  • Consider the angle of your shot and the obstacles in your way.

Choosing the Right Club

  • Determine the distance to the pin.
  • Select a club that will help you get out of trouble while setting up your next shot.

Executing the Perfect Shot

  • Focus on a smooth swing and solid contact.
  • Visualize the trajectory of your shot before taking it.

Shaping Your Shot

  • Adjust your grip and stance to control the direction of your ball.
  • Aim for an open stance when trying to curve around obstacles.
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Chipping Out with a Pitching Wedge

  • Use a pitching wedge to chip the ball back onto the fairway.
  • Keep a firm wrist and follow through with your swing.

Shaping the Ball with a 60° Wedge

  • Utilize the loft of the wedge to get the ball up quickly.
  • Open the clubface slightly to add more spin and control.

Considering an Aggressive Play with a 5-Iron

  • Assess the risk versus reward of going for a bigger shot.
  • Play with confidence and commitment to your decision.

Prioritizing Playing Smart

  • Remember that minimizing damage is sometimes better than going for hero shots.
  • Focus on getting back into a favorable position rather than trying to reach the green in one shot.

In conclusion, navigating tree trouble on the golf course requires a combination of skill, strategy, and composure. By mastering these techniques and approaches, you can still make par even when faced with challenging scenarios. So, the next time you find yourself in a tight spot behind the trees, stay calm, assess your options, and make smart decisions to set yourself up for success.


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