Golf Swing Plane: For Good Golf Shots! In this video Terry explains how the proper golf swing plane takeaway leads to a great golf shots.

The first 8-10 inches off the ball are the most important in the golf swing. It’s the golf swing plane. These inches will make or break the rest of your golf swing as the golf swing developes. If the club is taken too far to the inside then the potential of getting stuck on the downswing will increase. If the club is taken back square then their is a better potential of coming down on plane to produce a good golf shot.

Golf Swing Plane on plane –

One of the ways we can tell if our golf club is on plane in the takeaway is to see where the club shaft is on the downswing. If the shaft of the golf club comes down over the middle of the bicep then your golf swing is on the natural golf swing plane.

Not on golf swing plane –

One of the ways we can tell if the golf swing is not on plane is if the club shaft, on the downswing, is over the fore arm as it descends into impact. This position will cause a golfer to get stuck and not be able to get the club out in front of the body.

Do practice swings in the mirror to test each path the golf club comes down on to see for yourself. For more FREE videos on the golf swing and other golf advice go to

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