How to Putt a Golf Ball like a BAUS – HOUR OF POWER! Drills of Champions

Playas, this is one hour of Power putting guide and the way I teach myself to putt.

I go through phases of good and bad putting. I’m not the best putter in the world but I’m pretty solid from inside 7 feet and rarely three-putt from a distance.

Here are my drills for teaching yourself how to putt. I don’t believe in giving people fish, I believe in showing people how to teach themselves to fish. That’s a mixed metaphor.

Main tip for decelerators: Follow through TWICE the distance of your backstroke. Okay, once that is understood, you can become a great putter,

Drill 1: Edge of the Wedge: Putt with your wedge. Learn feel and distance control, fall in love with your putter again, develop a relaxed and light grip with less tension due to less expectation.

Drill 2: Puring the stroke end over end Malaska style.
This changed my life. The best putting video of all time.

Drill 3: Ruler drill. Just putt along a ruler. Your body and brain and hands will have to figure it all out. There is no special technique but as soon as you can do this, then you can putt. Don’t even think about is it good or not. If you can do it, you can stroke a ball purely on line and in the direction you want.

Drill 4: Ruler plus end over end. Pure your putts on the ruler like a BAUS and level up to SUPER BAUS.

Drill 5: Circle drill. Now you can putt and chip like a BAUS from a distance and leave the ball inside 5 feet. Now practice putts inside 5 feet like a Tour Pro. Become as good as a Tour pro in this area and watch your scores plummet.



Exorcism technique
1. Head down forever when putting. Never look up til the ball enters the hole
2. Look at the hole while you putt – the Spicy Eye Salty Mouth technique to distract your body from thinking about your stroke and all the little things that can go wrong
3. Look at something on your line. I got this from my man Patrick (@hogandisciple). Really nice way to clear your mind and focus on getting it started on the line.

General info:
– Avoid the line to line up your lag putts especially if you are not a proficient lag-putter. It will mess you up more than it will help you.
– Putt 2 footers and 3 footers before your round with the pin out on the practice green to ingrain the sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.
– Release all tension in the stroke. Tension is a killer for feel in putting.
– Shoulder rocking is an excellent way to control distance.

Find out the rest by watching LOL.

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