How To Fix Your Slice In 10 Minutes And Start Hitting Draws Today

How To Fix Your Slice In 15 Shots:

If you’re slicing the ball all over the place, then use this drill to fix your slice in just 10 minutes.

Ready to fix your slice? Want to start hitting draws? You’re in the right place.

The slice is the most common miss in the game. In this video, Jim Roy shows us how to fix a slice with irons. (Although these same techniques can be applied to fix a slice with a driver.)

Jim shows us why your open club face at the top of your swing may be the culprit that has you hitting a slice. Your open club face starts with your grip. Watch this video to see how to fix your open club face and keep it square.

Jim also shows us a drill to fix your slice, that you can start using right now.

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