How To Fix Lateral Sway In Golf Swing

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Lateral sway in your golf swing creates havoc on your consistency and ability to hit solid golf shots.

In this video, golf swing biomechanic Mike Pedersen gives you a “feel” tip to fix this, and then shows you a golf swing training aid that can ingrain the proper feel to fix it forever!

Remember, anything you do in the backswing that is additional to what is mechanically required, you must “undo” in the downswing, making it nearly impossible to have a repeatable golf swing.

Rotating on a fixed right leg and knee is a very effective way to fix a lateral sway. Many instructors may argue the knee can move and I’m okay with that, but we are talking about golfers with lateral sway issues. They must think completely still, and even then, the knee is most likely moving a bit.


The video tips I provide are from my own personal experience having studied over 1,000 golf swing videos of PGA, Senior PGA, and all levels golf golfers. And having an expertise in biomechanics; also having taken lessons from some of the top teaching pros in the country.

I am keenly interested in the associated “feel” that is accompanied with each particle phase of the golf swing, as that is how I learned best myself.

So you may have instructors who say something completely opposite, and that is okay, I’m just expressing what I personally feel. And if that can help golfers, that’s great!

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