How to [FIX an UGLY LAWN] | Golf Course Lawn RENOVATION Ep. 9 [TOP DRESSING]

In this episode of how to fix your ugly lawn, we do a complete top dress of Alex’s lawn. Top dressing your lawn is one of the best investments in lawn care you can make. It allows Bermuda grass as well as other types to really thrive in less than ideal conditions. In this video I explain the top dressing equipment you’ll need, talk about the soil mixture, and show in detail how to apply and work it into the lawn. In this episode of fix your ugly lawn we level his lawn using river sand as the top dressing material.

Top dressing a lawn is quite a workout so I recommend getting a friend or three to help out. Alex, his family and I top dressed his lawn over the course of 2 days. This is a hugely important step towards creating his golf course lawn. When it comes to top dressing there are several ways to apply the mixture to your lawn. In my video from earlier this year, I show how to top dress using a manual method. This time around we rented lawn care equipment to make the process faster and more efficient.

The process we used for this top dressing job involved 3 major steps. The first step is to aerate the lawn. Lawn aeration opens up the soil surface to reduce compaction and make it easier for the underlying soil to receive the top dressing mix. Aerating your lawn also improves the effectiveness of products like fertilizer and other soil amendments.

The next step is to apply nitrogen to the lawn using fertilizer. This encourages top growth which will help the turf recover faster from the stress of top dressing. We used Proscape 20-0-5 but any comparable fertilizer will work very well too.

The 3rd and final step is to apply the top dressing mix to the lawn to level the surface and add nutrients. We use a top dressing machine to speed up the process and to ensure more even coverage. Once the mixture is applied, we used a leveling rake to work the sand into the turf and create a smooth and even surface.

I also share one of my best tips for getting a better result while also speeding up how quickly the lawn recovers from the stress of being top dressed.

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