Train Like The Pros: How To Add 10 Yards To Your Drive With Biomechanics | GLU Virtual Summit 2020

Tune in for a roundtable Q&A with the best minds in golf fitness and performance. Learn why a pre-round warmup routine is critical to playing your best golf, how screening your body can determine whether you should hit a fade or a draw, how can you make the most of recent advances in gym equipment and much, much more.


BEN RICHES is the Chief Executive Officer of Golfzon Leadbetter, whose mission is to expand the possibilities of golf instruction, making it simpler for golfers to improve and enjoy the sport at every level.

DR. MARTY MILLER is the Director of Education and Training for Technogym USA. He has more than 20 years of experience in sports medicine, performance enhancement and injury prevention. During his career he has been the Director of Fitness for BallenIsles Country Club, Woodfield Country Club, and Mizner country club. He was also Director of Performance Enhancement with the New York Yankees.

JJ RIVET is one of the pioneers of biomechanics applied to sports and has spent more than 20 years on the various professional golf circuits of the PGA in addition to other sports like rugby, windsurfing, motorcycle and auto racing. JJ currently serves as head of the Sport Performance Department of ETPI in charge of biomechanical monitoring, leads Under Armour’s innovation department for Europe, is the biomechanist of record for the French international golf teams, and teaches applied biomechanics at University of the Mediterranean-Marseille.

TREVOR HYPOLITE holds several certifications in various fields of exercise science and has trained athletes of a variety of sports and ability levels for nearly 20 years. Trevor is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and has achieved certification from the National Association of Speed & Explosion.

TIM ROBERTS is the Director of Sports Science at Therabody and leads the company’s science and innovation strategies as well as translation of each into consumer education and product development. Prior to joining Therabody, Tim spent 8.5 years with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute leading the translation of sports science into practical strategies for youth athletes and elite professionals in all major sport leagues and tours in the US.

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