How to Find YOUR Perfect Backswing in Golf!

Here’s how to find your perfect backswing in golf! Where does that perfect “position” at the top of the backswing lie? Is it even a position or is it a snapshot of a full motion? And if so how then do we take the full motion through a place that is optimal for us, for an effortless golf swing? Few golf backswing drills for you guys to take away and try out, let us know how you get along in the comments!

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In this new Zen Golf Mechanics video, Marcus will be walking you through some great golf drills for the backswing, so that you can know how to find the perfect golf backswing. Learning the golf backswing sequence is vital if you want your complete golf swing to be effortless and easy, resulting in a ball flight like no other. If these golf backswing tips and drills are useful to you, please like the video as well as leave a comment with your favourite backswing golf drills, tips and tricks.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual’s own risk.

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