How To Do Reverse Bay Parking – Easy Tips (UK driving test maneuvers)

Learn how to do reverse bay parking for your driving test step-by-step

We show you how to do bay parking in the simplest way possible and how to correct the parking if it goes wrong. This is one of the practical driving test manoeuvres.

You might not have to bay park on your driving test if your test centre doesn’t have a car park. Although it’s still an important manoeuvre to practice.

The object of this manoeuvre is to reverse into a parking bay between the white lines. Reversing into the bay then makes it safer to drive forward out of the bay to leave. If it does go a little wrong then you are allowed to drive forward and then re-adjust back into the bay. You can also move your door mirrors down a little to help, but make sure that you’re looking around constantly and not just in your door mirror. Stop if anyone approaches you from any angle.

You could fail this part of your driving test if you don’t park the car properly between the lines or if you’re not observing around enough.

You would normally bay park at the start of the driving test, at the end or not at all.

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