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Many golfers fixate on their backswings, which can be understandable due to the huge influence this stage of a swing has on the overall execution of any golf shot. While many players may talk about their backswings in passing, only the most experienced players truly understand each component.

George Gankas golf VLOGs are one of the most accessible resources players in the global golfing community have access to, 24/7. As Gankas’ became a prominent coach both online and offline, golfers from around the world have begun applying his tips and techniques to their existing swings and then take to the comment sections of his videos to echo their success stories. This led to the establishment of the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, where players can develop their swings on a curriculum comprised solely of George’s best golf lessons.

A highly visible figure in numerous sports media outlets, George Gankas golf VLOGs have helped several players progress their abilities to the point of reaching pro level tours. Gankas was recently named one of the top golf coaches in America by Golf Digest, and has been profiled in every imaginable golf media outlet, including the Golf Channel and Barstool Sports. While George has given lessons to high profile media personalities in the efforts to fix their swing, he also imparts this same information to the entire world via his golf VLOGs.

Weak backswings can change the entire angle of the clubface, negatively affect the downswing, and also has been shown to be the source of slices in countless golfers. This greatly reduces the power, accuracy and consistency of any player’s swing – which leads to frustration, and poor overall scores.

Building a good backswing the Gankas way will allow golfers to establish a strong follow through, which will empower players to hit their shot straighter and farther consistently. Most casual players suffer from many common backswing issues, but setting a good foundation as showcased in this golf lesson will be the first step towards building a swing you can show off any given time.

00:00 Assessing Backswings at Address
01:13 Arm Work for Backswings
02:04 Establishing Pelvic Pivot and Turn
02:39 Snap Hook Examples
03:04 Experimenting with Arm Position


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