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The Three Best Chipping Techniques In Golf

Golf, as most things in life, consists of ways to do things right and ways to do things wrong. Needless to say, if you do something right, you succeed. If you do something wrong, you fail. How important is it to have the correct golf chipping technique?

3 Mistakes People Make When Chipping and Pitching

It’s vital to know what to do and how to do it right. Understanding the details of the easiest method to really do it is also important. However, you can not stop there, that is not enough by itself.

6 Free Golf Tips to Lower Your Score

It doesn’t matter how good you feel about your golf game, there is always room for improvement. When you consider how much professional golfers do to improve their game so they can lower their scores, it makes sense that the average golfer is too.

Mizuno MP-62 Irons VS MP-63 Irons

Mizuno says that they only release new equipment when they are happy that they have something that is an improvement on its predecessor. It said that the uptake on Tour of performance and feel that was adored by the best players in the world appreciate a little more forgiveness. Mizuno have obviously taken this into account, combined the principles behind both and created the dual-muscle cavity back that is the A Dual Muscle is the most implied feature of MP-62, which is different from a simple muscle back blade where the muscle section is straight across the back.

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Advice on How to Hit Fairway Woods That Saves You More Strokes Later

Some would say that if you hit fairway woods well and good, it could make your scores better than the usual game that you have been playing. It will also boost your confidence for your chipping and putting games later.

Posture in the Golf Swing

Everyone who has ever played the game of golf has heard somewhere that your posture is extremely important. Well, if you are a golfer and really want to improve it’s time to pay close attention. Your posture in your golf swing is the foundation in which any and all athletic movements you make are derived from. 

3 Ways to Correcting a Slice in Golf to Lower Your Scores

Did you know that correcting a slice in golf could make you shave off your strokes in a game? A slice is a mishit that average players commit. It could bring about frustration on some players most especially if they have been playing on for several years and yet they haven’t found the cure to this error.

Hitting a Golf Ball Off the Ground

In this world, you have to give a little to get a little. Baseball and tennis are difficult sports because the ball we have to hit is moving so fast. Let’s slow the ball down a little, like to a complete stop. Now it’s sitting on the ground, waiting for us to hit it at our leisure. Welcome to golf.

Medicus Dual Hinged Driver – Is It the Best Golf Training Aid Available?
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The Medicus Dual Hinged Driver is considered, by many golfers, to be the best golf training aid available today. It certainly has stood the test of time. Why is it so successful?

Why We Love Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy had everybody rooting for him in the US Open. Fans and competitors alike felt compassion for him based on the shared experience of trying and failing, then bouncing back. When his swing collapsed in the Masters in April, we understood the feeling of loss and failure. That generated an emotional connection with him that made viewers all the more supportive at Congressional.

Putting Tips That Cure The Yips

If you find yourself missing straight in putts from 4″ or closer, you could be suffering a dreaded illness called the yips. This illness has affected many of the games great players. Find the cure from one of golfs greatest players.

Rory McIlroy – Dealing With Triumph and Disaster

When Rory McIlroy was asked after his record breaking win at the US Open whether as a small boy growing up in Northern Ireland he could have dreamt that this could happen to him he thought for a moment and then replied that yes actually he had dreamt of it happening. Growing up watching Tiger Woods do extraordinary things at a young age meant that he could have these sorts of dreams.

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