Tiger Woods / 9 to 3 Drill / THE “Gateway” to Your Best Golf Ever!!!

EVERYONE needs to learn how to hit balls in this fashion! This may be THE “Gateway” drill for elevating your game to the next level! – You’ll need to FEEL like your arms remain straight and the wrists remain firm from horizontal (9:00) to horizontal (3:00)…
The “9 to 3 Drill” is especially helpful for those people who overswing and/or for those where the trail elbow bends more than 90° during the backswing.
A person CAN build a GREAT swing by simply ingraining great fundamentals and hitting NOTHING but 9 to 3 shots for an extended period of time. Once you get good from 9 to 3, it’s then NO big deal to wind it up a bit more so that you’ve got a bit more to let go of. Next thing ya’ know, “villá,” a full swing” and a dam good one to boot. THEN you can hit the weights/drills to learn to “create speed” the correct way (through rotation) and after a couple of years you’ve got a championship caliber golf swing. It all depends on your drive and dedication to learn…
*Here is a link to the 9 to 3 Drill 400+ page thread on GolfWRX: /

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