HermitCraft 8 Live! Thursday, September 23rd!


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Stream Chat Rules
1. Spammers and bigots will be banned without warning
2. Do not abuse all caps, emoji, or spaces, or impair readability
3. Do not promote yourself, others, or brands
4. Do not insult others
5. Do not share personal information
6. Do not ask to be a mod
7. Do not repeat yourself
8. Do not impersonate others
9. Do not fake tips
10. Do not derail the chat with intentionally distracting questions
11. Do not ask if people can see your messages
12. If you ask about the rules I will time you out or ban you depending on my mood. If you don’t understand the meaning or intent of these words, go ask a trusted adult.
13. Do not comment on the number of viewers, likes, or dislikes.
14. Do not complain about YouTube chat glitches. I know, they frustrate me too, but there’s nothing I can do.
15. Do not ask if you can ask a question, just ask the question itself.

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