Goodwill Thrift Store Haul for eBay: Make $100 an Hour Selling Junk!

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Goodwill Thrift Store Haul for eBay: $100 an Hour Selling Junk!

Disclaimer – my numbers are slightly off there was a snafu in my spreadsheet. The correct spreadsheet and numbers are here:

I spent 2 hours in a thrift store (Goodwill) in Metro Atlanta picking these items, and it will take another 3 hours to list them. My estimated profit on these items is $596.50, or $119 per hour, not including shipping, for 5 hours of work. Not bad!

These are some great finds! I am getting in my own way not wanting to ship breakables, so I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to find more high profit items, even if they are breakable and take a little more time to ship.

Download the sheet with the numbers here:

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