Golf Swing Release Angles

Key to a Better Golf Swing

There are hundreds of professional golfers around the world, and they all probably swing the club differently, even if they had the same trainer, there are usually tiny differences. But all of these professionals will absolutely agree on one thing that is vital to having a great swing, and that is balance.

Getting Out of Golf Traps

Traps are on the course for two reasons, to make golf more difficult, and to piss you off. They do a very good job of both, so avoiding them and learning how to get out of them if you do end up in them is very important to a good round of golf and keeping your sanity.

The 3 Phases Of Golf Fitness

For optimal outcomes from your golf fitness program, it should consist of a corrective phase, a golf-specific strength and balance phase, and a power phase, in that order. Working with a certified golf fitness instructor will ensure proper design and progression.

How to Master Golf’s Short Game

The short game is the most difficult part of golf. Every shot is different. The lie is different, the distance is different, the ground you have to carry is different; you will never hit the same shot twice. Yet, you can master this part of the game and keep your score down where it belongs.

How The Biggest Paradox In Golf Is Killing Your Golf Swing

Most golfers struggle to hit long straight drives simply because they don’t understand this one simple principle of golf. Once you understand where power is truly developed in the golf swing you will be able to unlock tons of power and even make your golf shots more consistent. The best part is simply understanding this does most of the work. You won’t have to spend hours of your time tweaking your swing on the range to get these benefits.

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What’s The Best Golf GPS You Can Buy?

Golf GPS units are a hot new item in the golf market. Who wants to wander around looking for sprinkler head yardages when you can simply look down at your GPS unit? Of course, there are a lot of different models and designs, with vastly different features and benefits. So what’s the best golf GPS you can buy? Let’s take a close look at the choices out there…

Take an Electric Golf Trolley for a Golf Break to Northern Wales

North Wales conjures up images of the rugged peaks of Snowdonia which fall steeply to the beautiful coasts and wild beaches. Less well known, though they should be, are the region’s 60 or so golf courses. The more challenging courses definitely will benefit from the use of an electric golf trolley. Windswept and sea-sprayed the North Welsh courses can be physically challenging and for those who enjoy the health benefits of golf they can provide a satisfying work-out.

The Medicus Hinged Golf Club – Wow

This article is about the benefits gained by using the Medicus hinged training golf club. This training club works wonders to show you which parts of your golf game need work, such as swinging off plane, jerking at the beginning of your swing or rolling your wrists.

The Myths of Junior Golf Flexibility Training

Junior golf flexibility training should be a constantly monitored process in which the individual junior golfer is given precisely what is need for his/her body at that particular point in time. This will provide a solid foundation for continual improvement and a significant reduction in the chances of injury.

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Golf Tips for Playing During the Winter

If you have been playing golf for some time your view of winter golf is likely to fall into one of two camps; you will love the game so much and wish to pursue it in all weathers, or, you will simply take the view that ‘it’s not worth it’ and hang your clubs up for six months or so. For any new golfers out there considering playing in what will be their first winter don’t be put off by these fair-weather players. Golf can be great fun played during the winter and provided you prepare properly you will not regret your decision.

Top Golfing Locations In Myrtle Beach

One of the trendiest places for golf players to travel to is Myrtle Beach. Literally millions of games are played in this are of South Carolina alone. With top course designers and over one hundred different courses, it is hard to get bored with the game when you go to Myrtle Beach. If you are visiting the area for the first time, consider looking up some of the courses in the area. This will help you get to know which courses you want to make time for during your stay.

What Makes Myrtle Beach A Popular Golf Tourist Spot?

Golf traveling is a trendy way to spend a vacation. If you are an avid golfer, getting to know new courses is just part of the fun of the game! Not to mention, each to course offers a new skill set that helps you improve your technique. A particularly popular place tourists go to for the love of golf is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here is a little about the area and what makes it on of the hottest golf vacation destinations.

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