Golf Swing Plane Shallow Drill For Consistent Ball Striking Simple Fun Drill

Consistent Ball striking With Shallow out golf swing plane and Path Practice Drill
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Here Alistair Davies and Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf Share a golf swing drill that will shallow out your golf swing to improve your ballstriking, angle of attack for more power in golf wand improving accuracy with every club in the bag.

There are some key golf swing principles and golf swing path adjustments that you should use if longer drives and straighter shots off the tee are your golf especially. Here are the main points of this golf swing lesson.Hitting the golf driver with a shallow angle of attack is the golf swing sequence is smooth, natural and reliable to use the larger muscles and kinetic chain without forcing the speed.

With the drill that places a rubber tee peg on the arm the valuable visual aid helps you to exaggerate the movement and really feel the shallowing. So try this golf swing practice drill and you will have more consistency, distance and a good looking and feeling golf swing that you can repeat for contact.

These can all be acclomplished by adjusting how steep you swing is from the top for this movement. It may feel strange at fist as we exaggerate it

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