GOLF SWING BASICS! [ Why it’s so hard to learn golf! ]

We’ve all heard the phrase “swing through the ball,” but everyone assumes that means, ‘delay the swing until after the ball is struck,’ but actually the opposite is true. If you swing before the ball then you’re truly swinging “through the ball.”
Because of the weight of the clubhead and the length and flexibility of the shaft there’s a delay between the time we apply force to the handle before it reaches the clubhead … we call that lag. Just like cracking a whip – you have to wait for the kink to travel down the whip. If you try to apply power to the club at the very second you need it, the club will be too far behind the applied force and the ball goes right. This is the problem most amateur golfers have and why they tend to slice or fade the ball.

Golf should not be a struggle. Golf should not be hard. Golf is easy if you know the secret. Start playing golf well. Gain confidence and have more fun playing golf.

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