Golf Lesson Analysis – Spinning Out Downswing (Fast Hips)

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Spinning Out – For anyone who has the fault of spinning their hips in the downswing in a effort to create speed. Watch the video for an analysis of the fault and a suggested drill. It can also help with, Hanging Back, Bad Weight Transfer and keeping the arms in front of your body.
Good lesson here for golfer junior golfers. One of the most common faults of junior golfers is that they create, creating their speed, they create a very fast hip rotation and transition, that good when your a junior golfer to create some golf head speed, but eventually you need to learn to match up your body and your arms a little more to create some consistency. Using this pair as an example: you can see his first movement in this transition, which it should be, your hips should be going first, too much separation between the speed of the hips and the speed of the arms; the hips are almost, even though the arms are at the top of the back, hips are open to the target, weight is spinning back into the left heel, you can see that by the left toe coming off the grind. The arms get out away from the body, resulting in an open club face. You’ve got a lot of club faced rotation to catch up, he’s got to use his hands very quickly through the ball to square the club face, creates speed but doesn’t create much consistency. If you saw a current swing of this player just recently, you’ll see that these aspects are improving a lot, but the tendency is still there. There’s still a little too much difference between the speed of his hips to the speed of his arms, raise his arms slightly, even though it’s better, there’s still a tendency for the weight to be spinning back to the left heel, arms to get out away from the body, the club face get little bit open.
So improving but still some progress needed. If this is you this is a good drill and I am taking you through from the start. What I what you to do is line up the golf ball with your left toe taking a slightly narrower stance than normal, and we are going to do two things. After we’ve made our normal backswing we going to step to the side, this will help the weight shift to the left foot. And number two, we are going to step forward, hips to the side and forward.This helps to stabilize the hips and allows the arms to come down, and matching the arms with the body. So now the arms can come down more on plane, closer to the body, club face stays square. So simply can square the club face with the impact with the body rotation rather than the hands and arms having to catch up and rotate the club face quickly. A simple drill for any junior golfers out there, anybody who’s struggling with the body, speed, too fast compared to the arm speed, and it can also help with weight shift. Anybody’s hanging back on their right foot. Maybe anybody is getting their arms stuck behind their body because again their arms are too slow relative to their body. There’s a simple drill for you to be trying in your next practice session and helping to match up your arms to the body.

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