I went down to Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine and filmed for a few hours with Monte Schienblum and all we talk about was the DRIVER.

To me driver is hands down the most important club in the bag. If you are not driving the ball well a chain reaction is started that ruins your entire day and your score. If you are banging it down the middle there is NOTHING better.

So in search of that elsive feeling where the harder I swing the straighter it goes, I went and took this Driver lesson from 1992 World Long Drive Champ and now PGA Tour golf coach, Monte Schienblum.

By getting my hands and arms more in sync with my body I was able to add a considerable amount of clubhead speed and a lot of distance. I think the problem I had of going to hard and early with the lower body is a problem most of you have as well and this intention is going to help a lot of people.

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