EASY Golf Swing Technique and Ball Position For Women

When it comes to an easy golf swing technique and setting up your golf ball position, Natalie Adams – PGA Teaching Pro guided you through!

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Here we’re going to look at how to hit your hybrid really successfully. Basic set up positions for them and how to swing well to get a really effective hybrid shot. Now your hybrids really are replacing your iron, so you want to swing them as though they’re an iron, it’s an iron replacement so the swig is very similar to the swing you’d use for an iron. So when we’re looking at setup, you’re going to set the ball so that really with the hybrid you set it just left of center okay, so just about one ball to the left of center, and you are going to setup so that you’re slightly more on your left side whith your weights. Again that’s how you would setup to hit your irons. You want a slightly steeper angle of attack, a slightly steeper swing plane as you swing back with your irons because they work well when you hit down on them. So it’s exactly what we want to do with your hybrid. So ball position just left of center, slightly more weight on the left, just make sure that your nose is over the golf ball rather than letting your head come back to the right of the golf ball. So nose over the golf ball, hands just to the left of the golf ball so we got the slight forward lane in the shaft as you play the shot.

So from this well balanced set of positions, we’re now going to look at swinging the club back just hinge in the wrist, so the club head starts to rise on a slightly steeper angle as you swing back; making a good shoulder with head and then really working hard on striking downwards so you connect to the bottom of the swing is where the ball is. So slightly on the left turn slightly forward, bow slightly forward really good shoulder turn striking down on the golf ball all the way through until well balanced finish. You should find that with the hybrid because the center of gravity is so low in the club, it really gets the ball launch to a very high angle there is no way she would get in the ball into the air. And the more the ball is in the air the further ball is going to fly.

So use that set up and that swing to hit your hybrids and you start to find that you’re achieving maximum distance with them, and you get into some great accuracy as well.

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