GOLF DRILL TO FIX YOUR CHICKEN WING (Hit Solid Irons and Longer Drives)

Here’s a great golf drill to fix your chicken wing and start hitting solid irons. Do this at the range and at home to get full extension on your shots.

Most golfers do a chicken wing yet few every put in the time to fix it. This is truly mind boggling to me because if you stop doing a chicken wing it will take you game to whole new level. You will hit solid irons and gain way more distance on your drives.

Unfortunately, fixing a chicken wing can be tricky. It takes understanding. You need to get used to new feelings and you need to do some drills that will help you fix it.

This is a great golf drill you can be doing at the range or even when you are at home. Do this as much as you can and over time you will start to get the feeling of full extension and used to the feelings associated with it. Once you get used to it, you will finally fix the chicken wing in your swing and start hitting solid irons and longer drives.

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