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The first question you should be asking is why on earth would anyone want to shallow the club? The primary reason is to stimulate some body/pivot rotation through impact in order to better manage the face angle. This leads to improved predictability. Watch this…

Players who are just starting to develop their swings often wonder why any golfer would want to shallow their club out. Shallowing your golf swing stimulates body and pivot rotation all the way into impact, which effectively gives top speed golf pros an enhanced ability to manage the angle of their clubface.

Such a swing becomes easily predictable and helps golf pros active on the tour experience wins when they may not have otherwise done so.

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Preparing your takeaway to mirror the athletic motion needed for shallowing the club remains one of the most important components of developing this type of golf swing. By creating the right takeaway, you are then able to assemble the rest of your shallow swing to work as intended. For golfers that begin their takeaway too fast or find themselves off plane, struggling with shallowing out the club will become a frustrating obstacle you must overcome.

During the top of the backswing, players can insert a few alterations that will allow shallowing to happen quite easily. Once you reach the top of your swing, your arms will need to be dropped into place. A golfer’s arms should hang slightly in the direction of their body, with the right elbow tucking into their side.

Many top speed golf pros will speak about how their golf club drops into the slot during such situations. The more practice you dedicate to shallowing out your golf swing, the more clear it will become that gravity provides much of the force needed to get this athletic motion done correctly.

After getting the golf club into the slot, golfers must lead the remaining portion of their golf swing with their lower body muscle groups. With the extreme strength found in the lower body, top speed golf pros often credit these muscles with being the main driving force behind their consistent golf swings. By integrating larger muscle groups into your golf swing, consistency becomes much easier to achieve.

Because our lower body must rotate and pull during your shot, our arms will also need to follow. Allowing gravity to assist your arms in securing the perfect spot, the golf club will surely shallow to produce an impressive shot.

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By focusing your efforts on keeping your golf club in the slot and using your legs to pull through the swing, flattening out your swing plane will become quite simple to achieve. Because many novice players require an extended period of time to feel out a shallow swing, a natural habit for many golfers becomes swinging with their arms and hands rather than their lower bodies. This typically results in an over the top golf swing.

For golfers to shallow out their swings with their lower body, increased distance and consistency will become a mainstay in their golf shots.

Shallow golf swings help golfers hit the ball at a proper angle while also promoting expanded distance and trajectory. Players learn to repeat their swing in this shallow position which will reduce their handicap by huge numbers in a very short time period.

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