Golf Drills – How to Create Monster Lag

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Golf Drills – How to Create Monster Lag

Everyone wants more lag. Why? Because it creates the power in your golf swing that is, if you do it right. Too many people out there are working on this the wrong way. If you do, you will not gain the power you are after and actual lose distance.

This is the best of all the golf lag drills out there because it not only teaches you how to get more lag but it also works on releasing the club as well. This is the crucial element that everyone is missing.

The truth about lag is that this is jst have of the equation. It is the whipping action developed by this lag angle which is connected to the rotating center. You could have the best lag angle in the world but if you do not connect it to your turning body it won’t do you much good.

Take a few minutes and watch this tip. Then spend te next few days, weeks and months working on it. If you do you will increase your lag to that of a better player which will increase your distance.

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