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For players that find difficulties hitting their irons solid and end up with inconsistent shots, me and my golf students have found most are exhibiting athletic motion most commonly associated with over the top shots. Many top speed golf pros have dealt with such flawed motion early on in their careers and still progressed into solid tour level players.
George Gankas golf lessons have a global reputation for being among the few tips and drills that can cause instant improvements when applied to most swings. As former students begin to earn tour experience in professional golf tournaments, the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, comprised of George’s best lessons and drills, continues to attract golf enthusiasts from around the globe.

Profiled in nearly every popular golf media outlet, George Gankas golf swing strategies have become an essential resource for players of all skill levels seeking to improve the athletic motion found in their natural swings. George’s videos have made his golf lessons a household name with fans of the sport, having been named one of the top 15 golf coaches in the world in a recent Golf Digest cover story, which featured legend Butch Harmon personally taking a swing lesson from Gankas.

When me and my golf students discuss shallowing out the golf club, we’re referring to getting the club to flatten out horizontally during the downswing.

As many novice players seek out quick fixes they believe to be better golf strategies, the over the top motion, identified by a steeper swing plane during the downswing, more often than not holds back their progress regardless of what tips or tricks they’re trying to follow. Such athletic motion during our swings can cause pop up shots, which even the most inexperienced golfer hates experiencing.

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Because many who are new to the sport believe it to be as easy as ready set go, or fore play golf, following strategies and tips that appear to be better golf advice than tried and true fundamentals does sometimes lead players astray. Any golfer with tour experience will immediately identify the athletic motion behind shallowing out your golf swing to be one of the most proactive changes any player can make towards becoming the best golfer they possibly can.

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