HITTING DRIVER BAD but IRONS GOOD (Learn How To Hit Your Driver Better)

This tip shows you how to hit your driver better. In my mind, driver is the most important club in the bag. If you hit the ball long and straight, the game is way easier. In other words, the driver sets up your approach shots so make sure you watch this driver tip and start hitting fairways consistently.

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There are few different things people typically do when they are not hitting their driver well. This tip goes over each of them so make sure you think of your swing as I explain them so you can figure out what is going to help you hit your driver better.

In this scenario you are hitting your irons well so put all of your focus on driver for while. Keep it simple. Typically, people want to hit hard with their arms plus they’re doing the wrong set up. So understand how your body is the power source and make sure you are in the right set up each time.

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