Fix The Slice: Shallow Out The Downswing

In this video we discuss the important of shallowing out the golf club through transition & downswing. This can often be referred to as “over the top”, which can lead to poor contact and sliced golf shots.

Often times golfers struggle with the tendency of an out-in path, and incorrect swing plane through transition and downswing. This is only one of many key concepts when looking to improve your ball flight, power, and strike consistency.

Key Takeaways:

1. Maintain tilts in transition as you change direction of pressure shift towards target.

2. Utilize the hip tilt in maintaining stable backswing- sometimes golfers forget creating proper hip tilt improves shoulder tilt consistency.
for correct sequence in leading to proper path.

3. Pressure shift towards target initiates downswing- lower body leads downswing.

4. Checkpoint- Shaft below right shoulder in transition as change of direction is initiated.

-Reminder: Without Shoulder Tilt, The Lead Arm Will Not Remain Straight In Backswing. Practice Lead Shoulder Down, Arms Wide & Extended At Top Position-

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