Searching for the Perfect Golf Swing Part 2: Commitment Plans

Golfers in search of the perfect golf swing must put together a commitment plan. The commitment plan will be composed of two elements: the time element and the golf execution element.

How to Fix Your Golf Swing With Videos

Plenty of the new golf swing videos available today use a “fault and fix” philosophy. It is fundamentally troubleshooting for your golf game.

Swing Speed Golf Tips For The Beginner

When you’re first learning to play golf, you will probably have many different questions about how to play the game properly. You may wonder exactly how the rules work and how the label is properly conducted. In addition, you should probably seek help on how to improve your basic techniques to hit the ball. Your golf swing is the most central part of the game. If you can learn to control how the ball is going and what direction you can do well in almost all courses. One of the biggest problems people have with their swing is what golf swing speed is the most advantageous.

Golf Buggy – The Best One For You

If you hate walking between holes while you are playing golf, then a buggy is what you need. A golf buggy is a great way to get around the course because all you have to do is strap on your golf bag and enjoy wonderful smooth rides between your golf shots. If you are going to procure one for yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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5 Tips for Beginners Learning to Play Golf

If you want to start playing golf you can be really daunted in the beginning with the difficulty in playing well. Golf is not an easy sport and it requires a lot of practice and patience. Following are 5 basic tips that will make it really easy for you to learn the game and enjoy it along the way.

Golf And Equipment That Is Essential

If you have just started playing golf you will be surprised at the amount of equipment that serious golfers carry around with them. Golf and equipment go hand in hand and it takes a huge chunk out of your pocket. But if you just want to enjoy golf and play well you don’t have to buy everything you see other players carrying around the course. Below is a list of equipment that is the most important, and which you should have.

3 Tips To Buy The Right Golf Shirt For You

If you are going to buy some shirts to wear while playing on the golf course then you should realize that you can’t just wear anything you want on a golf course. It is very important on a golf course, more so than in any other sport, what kind of attire you wear. So it is important that you keep in mind these tips whenever you are buying a shirt for playing golf.

4 Tips to Find Cheap Golf Equipment

If you want to play golf one of the problems that most of the people face is the cost of the equipment. Golf equipment is usually very expensive and that makes it difficult financially for some of the not so well off people to afford the game. That’s why in this article we have 4 tips on how to find good cheap golf equipment so that you can enjoy the game and it also doesn’t affect you too hard financially.

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The Masters Golf Tournament – History And Tradition

Arguably, in golf there is possibly no better tournament than US Masters Golf Tournament. Though it is one of the four majors of the golf calendar it has always been considered the most important major championship of them all. The history and tradition of the masters golf tournament is legendary and something the club protects fiercely. Here are some points that have made the tournament so prestigious and renowned.

Ladies Golf Clubs – 3 Tips To Find The Right Ones For You

Ladies golf clubs are different than those used by men because of their different physical attributes. There are now many golf clubs that are made according to the female needs and specifications, but even in those you need to take into consideration a few things while buying ladies clubs. If women want to improve their playing style and not limit themselves then it is important to find the right clubs. To serve exactly that purpose, below are some tips that will help you when you’re looking to buy ladies golf clubs.

Golf Forum – How They Can Help Your Golf Game To Improve

Golf forums are great because if you’re struggling to improve your golf game or simply want to take it to the next level, this article will give you information about how you can use golf forums to improve your golf game from the comfort of your computer screen. We are going to look at why golf forums are so successful in helping your game to move forwards.

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Golf Wedge Tips

The best way to lower your handicap quickly is to focus on your short game, and the fastest way to reduce your number of putts per round is to improve your pitch and chip shots. Mastering your golf wedges is the best and fastest way to lower your handicap. Most average golfers are scared to death of their wedges because they haven’t been very successful with them.

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