Level Up your Chipping Skills with this Game-Changing Practice Routine!

Welcome to our blog, where we are thrilled to share with you a game-changing practice routine that will elevate your chipping skills to a whole new level! At [blog name], we understand the importance of mastering all aspects of your golf game, and chipping is no exception. Join us as we reveal the secrets to perfecting your chipping technique, providing you with valuable insights and exercises to help you become a true master around the greens. So, buckle up and get ready to level up your chipping skills – together, we are about to embark on an exciting journey towards chipping excellence!


Hey golfers! Are you looking to take your chipping skills to the next level? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got a game-changing practice routine that will help you improve your short game in no time. In this article, we’ll be sharing George Conley’s favorite chipping practice routine, which involves hitting consecutive shots with different clubs. Stick around, and we’ll show you how this routine can help you diversify your shots and boost your confidence around the greens. So grab your clubs and let’s get started!

The Game-Changing Chipping Practice Routine

Step 1: Set up your practice area

Before we dive into the routine, let’s make sure you have the right setup. Find a quiet area on the practice green or create a small chipping area in your backyard. Place a target or a bucket at various distances from where you’ll be hitting your shots. This will help you gauge your accuracy and improve your distance control.

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Step 2: Choose your clubs

Now it’s time to grab your clubs. Start with your pitching wedge and chip a few shots to warm up. Once you’re comfortable, switch to a different club, such as a 9-iron or a sand wedge, and hit a few more shots. The key here is to experiment with different clubs and shot variations to broaden your arsenal of chipping techniques.

Step 3: Analyze the dispersion of your shots

After hitting a set of shots with each club, take a moment to analyze the dispersion pattern. This will help you identify any areas for improvement. Are your shots consistently short? Do they tend to veer off to the right or left? By understanding your tendencies, you can focus on specific areas that need more work and adjust your technique accordingly.

Step 4: Dial in your distance control

One of the most crucial aspects of chipping is having precise distance control. To fine-tune this skill, set up your target at different distances and aim for it with each club. Pay close attention to how far the ball travels with each swing. By doing this, you’ll build confidence in your ability to hit the ball the desired distance, no matter which club you choose.

Step 5: Mix it up and have fun

Chipping doesn’t have to be monotonous. Mix up your practice routine by creating challenging scenarios. Try hitting shots from different lies – uphill, downhill, or even from the rough. This will help you develop adaptability and creativity around the greens. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun while practicing.

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Congratulations! You now have a game-changing chipping practice routine that will take your short game to new heights. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll improve your diversity and confidence around the greens. Remember to experiment with different clubs and shot variations, analyze your shots for areas of improvement, and focus on building confidence in your distance control. Before we wrap up, let’s address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might help you further.


  1. How often should I practice this routine?

    Practice this routine as often as possible. The more you practice, the better your chipping skills will become. Aim for at least three times a week.

  2. Can I use this routine for bunker shots?

    While this routine specifically focuses on chipping, you can definitely adapt it for bunker shots. Experiment with different wedges and learn to control your distance and accuracy in sand traps.

  3. What’s the purpose of hitting consecutive shots with different clubs?

    Hitting consecutive shots with different clubs helps you become more versatile around the greens. It allows you to adapt to different lies, distances, and shot requirements, ultimately improving your overall chipping skills.

  4. What if I don’t have access to a practice green?

    If you don’t have access to a practice green, you can create a chipping area in your backyard using a mat and some targets. The key is to find a space where you can practice your chipping technique effectively.

  5. Can I apply this routine during a game?

    Absolutely! The skills you develop through this routine will translate seamlessly into your real-game situations. With practice, you’ll be confident in your ability to chip the ball close to the pin.

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So there you have it! Level up your chipping skills with this game-changing practice routine and start seeing significant improvements in no time. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more golf tips, and remember to thank our sponsors for supporting our brand. Happy chipping!