Exercises for shoulder pain, Impingement, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Disease by Dr Furlan MD PhD

Doctor Andrea Furlan demonstrates 15 exercises for shoulder impingement, bursitis or rotator cuff disease. Check the comments below to find out how these exercises have helped other people.

Before you do these exercises make sure you talk to your doctor or physiotherapist.
This video is for education only and it is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by your own healthcare provider.

These are the products that Dr. Furlan used or recommended in this video:
Microwavable heating pad:
Hot water bag:
Hot & Cold Reusable Gel pack:
Yoga mat:
Woman’s comfort Bra

Download the document with summary of the 15 exercises:

0:00 Introduction
03:22 Bed positioning
04:39 Position at work, posture
05:13 Massage
05:34 Medications
06:00 Modalities
06:50 Exercises
07:18 Pendulum exercise
09:17 Fingers on the wall
11:28 Wall “Angel”
12:55 Rotation – internal and external rotation
14:24 Shoulder circumference
15:30 Pectoralis stretches
17:34 Towel exercise
19:13 Cross-chest stretch
20:13 Strength flexors
21:40 Strenght rotators
22:13 Corner press
24:01 Press down
24:55 Front plank
26:25 Side plank

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ALERT: This video is not intended to replace medical
advice. If you think you have a condition that is
causing you pain, please consult with your doctor
to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you.
The intent of this video is only for educational

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