EP 1 : Muscles | Wrestling | Yoga In Ancient Egypt (must watch) #dougbrignole Egypt Seminar #ST365

The Mer-Ka-Ba Tour – Egypt 2022 With Doug Brignole & Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim.

Check out my conversation with Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim about our tour in Egypt. In this educational tour, we will be learning about the ancient Egyptian’s history but also their understanding of the human body, muscles, exercise, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, herbs and their unique healing techniques that we can learn and use today.

Mohamed Ibrahim led tours with geologist Christopher Dunn, Robert M. Schoch, geophysicist Nassim Haramein , Brian Foerster, Stephen Mehler, his a wealth of knowledge…

To make it more interesting, biomechanics expert & Mr Universe Doug Brignole will be joining us in this tour, he will be conducting a seminar on the deck of the cruise ship from Luxor to Aswan.

This is a unique tour that will allow us to experience and share this unforgettable journey together.

Email us at SmartTraining365@gmail.com to know more about the date and the price or if you have any question regarding the tour. Please share with your friends who love history and passionate to learn about the human body.

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