Elderly Optimim Strength Training | Prabal Arora

To all my Mature Motivated People,
How Strong is Strong Enough?💪💪

What is the purpose of lifting heavier than required?🏋️🏋️

And is all this lifting even required and Helping You?🏋️🏋️

Want To Know All about it? Watch my videos.
I am a 50-year young Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss Trainer and I can help you with all your Exercising Goals. So, Call me NOW ☎️ @ 022 045 5090 to Get a Free Complimentary Session!


Prabal Arora is a qualified Health, Exercise and Weight loss Coach who would like to use his knowledge and 35 years of personal fitness experience to make sure that you achieve your goals. So far, he has enjoyed 50 years on this planet. But do you want to be 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 years young with excellent quality of life?
Then you are at the right place!

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