Golf Swing Mechanics – The Golf Course

The game of golf is played on a golf course. It consists of eighteen sections, called holes. Each hole is different in length and difficulty. Because of the difference between each hole, different type of shots have to executed to achieve the lowest score.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Putter

The putter is the most critical club to master in the game of golf. Just ask any PGA tour professional. When the putter is hot, so is their game. Good putting erase any number of bad shots on the fairway. The putter is the one of the reasons the term “save par” got coined.

Get Your Golf Swing Mechanics Right The First Time

Golf is a very unique game. It uses a ball, but unlike basketball or baseball, it is not played on a standardized playing area.

Is Golf the Perfect Fitness Remedy?

I always considered golf to be rather a relaxing kind of activity. A gentle meander down corridors of green meadow, halting now and then at various stages along the walk to nudge forward a little white ball towards a little hole set upon a distant green.

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