Easy Way To Loosen Up (Do This Before Each Shot)

Before each shot, it is crucial for one to find an easy way to loosen up. Taking the time to properly prepare can greatly enhance performance and overall results. In this blog post, we will explore a simple yet effective method that he or she can implement to optimize their game.

Easy Way To Loosen Up (Do This Before Each Shot)


When it comes to playing golf, many golfers find themselves struggling with tight muscles and a lack of fluidity in their swing. However, there is an easy way to loosen up and achieve an effortless golf swing that can greatly improve your game. In this article, we will explore a technique taught by Paul Wilson Golf that focuses on the weight of the club and promotes looseness in your swing. By implementing this simple yet effective approach, you can experience greater consistency and power in your shots.

The Importance of Loosening Up

Before diving into the technique, let’s discuss why loosening up before each shot is crucial. When golfers are too tight, their muscles restrict their range of motion and hinder the natural flow of their swing. This tightness often leads to poor shots, inconsistent ball-striking, and increased tension throughout the body.

By taking the time to loosen up, golfers can alleviate the tension in their muscles, promote a more fluid swing, and achieve better results on the course. Now, let’s explore the technique that can help you achieve this.

Focusing on the Weight of the Club

Paul Wilson Golf emphasizes the importance of focusing on the weight of the club to promote looseness in the swing. Before taking your shot, take a moment to hold the club at address and feel its weight. Allow your body to become acclimated to this weight and let it guide your swing.

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By shifting your focus to the weight of the club, you can take your mind off any unnecessary tension or tightness that may hinder your swing mechanics. This technique encourages a more effortless and natural motion, enabling you to make crisp and consistent contact with the ball.

Practicing at the Range for Improved Consistency

In order to incorporate this technique into your game, it’s important to practice it regularly at the driving range. Begin by taking a few practice swings, focusing on the weight of the club and allowing your body to relax and loosen up. Gradually incorporate this technique into your pre-shot routine until it becomes second nature.

Practicing at the range allows you to hone your skills and develop muscle memory. With consistent practice, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the consistency of your swing, resulting in more accurate shots on the course.

Tips for Loosening Up Your Arms and Wrists

To achieve a loose and fluid swing, it’s important to pay attention to the flexibility and relaxation of your arms and wrists. Paul Wilson Golf recommends approaching your golf swing with a similar mindset to a baseball swing.

Think of your golf club as a baseball bat and imagine swinging it with the same fluidity and looseness. This mental shift can help you generate club head speed and achieve a more powerful swing.

Additionally, focusing on keeping your arms relaxed and your wrists loose throughout the swing can help maintain a fluid motion and prevent any unnecessary tension from creeping into your shot.

The Benefits of Looseness

By implementing the technique taught by Paul Wilson Golf, you can experience a multitude of benefits in your golf game. Looseness in the swing leads to increased power, as it allows for a full and unrestricted release of energy into the ball.

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Moreover, a loose swing promotes consistency, as it reduces the chances of overcompensating or making abrupt movements that can often result in mishits. By cultivating a relaxed and fluid swing, you can achieve greater control over your shots and improve your overall performance on the course.


In conclusion, loosening up before each shot is essential for golfers looking to achieve an effortless and powerful swing. By focusing on the weight of the club and incorporating the techniques taught by Paul Wilson Golf, you can enhance the fluidity and consistency of your swing. Remember to practice this technique regularly at the range and maintain a relaxed state in your arms and wrists throughout the swing. With dedication and persistence, you can unleash the full potential of your golf game.


  1. How often should I practice this technique?

    • It is recommended to practice this technique at least a few times a week to see noticeable improvement in your swing.
  2. Can this technique be used by golfers of all skill levels?

    • Yes, golfers of all skill levels can benefit from this technique. It helps to build a solid foundation for a consistent and powerful swing.
  3. Are there any additional resources available for learning the technique?

    • Yes, Paul Wilson Golf offers free samples of the Body Swing book and video series, which provide further guidance and insights on achieving a relaxed and effective golf swing.
  4. Will using this technique increase my club head speed?

    • Yes, by promoting looseness in your swing, this technique can help generate club head speed, resulting in more powerful shots.
  5. Can I implement this technique on the course during a round?

    • While it may not be feasible to practice this technique before every shot during a round, incorporating it into your pre-shot routine whenever possible can still have a positive impact on your swing and performance.
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