DON’T LET THESE RUIN YOUR GOLF | Important Sloping Lies Lesson

►Are sloping lies the hardest shots in golf?
As a golf coach I often teach off flat lies, and as golfers yourselves I bet you often practice of flat lies, which means we never practice or learn how to play some of the most awkward and toughest shots in golf, that we have almost every shot!! SLOPING LIES are talked about in this video, and in just 13 minutes you’ll be able to conquer them!
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Andy Carter is a Golf Teaching Professional based at the Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai.

Andy Carter’s coaching style is aimed to be simple and informative to help you
whether it be helping to cure your slice, teaching you to understand your technique, how to chip or pitch and even the occasional putting tip.

The content you will find on this YouTube channel will be informative golf tips that will help you improve not only your golf swing but your golf game in the sole purpose of lowering your scores and enjoying golf more & more.
Other content will include golf club reviews and golf accessories which can help you improve your understanding of what to buy as the market is constantly changing and being saturated by brands.
A lot of the content you will find on the channel is of Andy Carter being out on the golf course showcasing real-life scenarios and shot that all golfers will encounter on the course. If you can improve these areas of your game then for sure scores will lower.
Popular content throughout the years has been golf course vlogs,with Andy either playing against the golf course in his Carter vs Golf series, or playing against fellow PGA professionals, Tour professionals and even amateurs. This content is not only a great watch but also a great learning experience for viewers.


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