Do you want to hit the golf ball farther? Golf, Body Friendly Golf Swing,

!!!!! As we get older, we are not as strong physically and we start to see our distances with each club shorten. This happens because we are not as supple and our bodies cannot react like they used to.
Everybody suggests that you should try to turn more and make your swing longer. If you want to be more inconsistent, then go for it! I believe that you need to learn what the forearms really do in the swing. This video gives you a great drill to practice using a simple item that costs about $2.00 at Home Depot. People think that the body is the key factor for distance, I disagree. When you learn to use your forearm rotation properly, the body will be more synchronized with the arms and you will hit the ball more consistently on the center of the club. Club head speed can be increased dramatically through our forearm rotation. Learn to speed the club head up by using this drill! Good luck and have a great holiday season!

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