Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering distance control for putting, where you, as a passionate golfer, can sharpen your skills on the green with the expert advice of Dr. Jim Suttie. If you’ve ever struggled with gauging the perfect amount of force needed to sink those crucial putts, fear not, because Dr. Suttie is here to transform your game. With his vast experience and unrivaled expertise, he will guide you through proven techniques and invaluable tips to fine-tune your putting game and help you achieve consistency, accuracy, and ultimately, success. So grab your putter, adjust your posture, and get ready for a remarkable journey towards mastering the art of distance control for putting – all tailored specifically for you.


Are you struggling with your long putting skills? Do you want to improve your distance control and sink more putts on the green? Look no further! In this article, we will review a video created by Golf Tips, featuring Dr. Jim Suttie, who shares a valuable tip on long putting. By following his advice and practicing the simple drill he demonstrates, you can enhance your putting skills and become a more confident golfer.

Importance of developing feel for distance control in putting

One of the key aspects of becoming a great putter is developing a feel for distance control. Many amateur golfers struggle with gauging the correct amount of force needed to make a putt. It is essential to understand that putting is not just about hitting the ball straight; it’s about judging the distance accurately. Without this crucial skill, you will always find yourself leaving putts short or overshooting the hole.

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Dr. Jim Suttie emphasizes the significance of honing this feel for distance control. He explains how having a reliable touch on long putts can significantly improve your overall putting performance. By mastering the art of judging distances, you can greatly increase your chances of sinking longer putts and reducing your score.

Simple drill to improve long putting skills

In the video, Dr. Jim Suttie shares a simple yet effective drill to enhance your long putting skills. He advises using a long umbrella or a shaft to simulate the length of a long putt. This drill will help you get a sense of the speed and force required to reach the hole. By practicing with the longer shaft initially, you will acclimate yourself to the larger movements needed to putt the ball successfully over a longer distance.

To perform the drill, set up a putting green in your backyard or use a mat indoors, and place the umbrella or shaft on the ground. Imagine it as a makeshift hole and begin practicing your long putts. By repeatedly hitting putts over the length of the umbrella or shaft, you will develop a sense of touch and distance control for longer putts, which will translate to improved performance on the course.

Remember, mastering this drill requires consistency and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your putting skills. Keep practicing and refining your touch for long putts, and you’ll soon notice positive changes in your game.

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Improving your distance control for putting is essential for becoming a proficient golfer. By following the advice provided by Dr. Jim Suttie in the video created by Golf Tips, and practicing the simple drill he recommends, you can develop a better feel for distance and elevate your long putting skills. Remember to support Golf Tips by liking, sharing, and subscribing to their YouTube channel. Stay connected with them on social media platforms and visit their website for additional golfing resources. Practice diligently and enjoy the progress you make on the greens!

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