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Start your detailing regimen the right way by following along with this Guide to Detailing! Begin with the dirties area of the vehicle…the wheels! Brake dust, road debris and grime collect on the face and barrel of the rim which not only looks awful it also can damage the finish. Use Diablo Wheel Cleaner to routinely and safely clean all wheel finishes. The gentle cleaning power of Diablo Wheel Cleaner emulsifies brake dust and filth and then guides it off of the wheel for a scratch-free clean. Moving to to the body of the vehicle, use a high foaming car wash with Mr. Pink. Lubricating bubbles carry abrasive particles from the surface to prevent scratches. Always work in linear motions to reduce the chances of installing swirls. Wrap up the car wash process by thoroughly drying the vehicle with a Woolly Mammoth Drying Towel, using soft microfiber will whisk away water drops for a streak-free finish.

0:00 – Beginner’s Guide To Detailing
0:43 – Why Are We Doing This?
2:50 – The Wheel Brushes
4:29 – The Dirt Trap
6:07 – The Soap
8:02 – Cleaning The Wheel
10:55 – Why We Wash This Way
12:20 – The Two Bucket Method
14:00 – The Foam Blaster
16:14 – The Physical Wash Process
17:00 – FOAM PARTY!
17:44 – Drying
19:10 – Before and After

➜ Rimpaca Ultimate Wheel Brush Set:

➜ Rimpaca Reach Around Ultimate Wheel Brush Set:

➜ Diablo Gel Wheel Cleaner:

➜ Cyclone Dirt Trap:

➜ Duck Foaming Trigger and Sprayer Bottle:

➜ Flagged Tip Green Brush:

➜ Boars Hair Detailing Products:

➜ TORQ Snow Foam Blaster R1:

➜ Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Shampoo:

➜ Chenille Wash Mitt:

➜ Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket:

➜ Woolly Mammoth Drying Towel:

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