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There may not be better golf advice than establishing a consistent pre shot swing routine, regardless of your playing level. Any top speed golf pro with tour experience has achieved this desired playing level by incorporating consistent athletic motion into their swing routine, even the pre-shot setup and address.

While many casual players believe the sport to be ready set go or fore play golf, any golfer who has an effective swing has established a pre shot routine even if they have trouble describing it to you when questioned.

George Gankas golf lessons have a global reputation for being among the few tips and drills that can cause instant improvements when applied to most swings. As former students begin to earn tour experience in professional golf tournaments, the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, comprised of George’s best lessons and drills, continues to attract golf enthusiasts from around the globe.

Profiled in nearly every popular golf media outlet, George Gankas golf swing strategies have become an essential resource for players of all skill levels seeking to improve the athletic motion found in their natural swings. George’s videos have made his golf lessons a household name with fans of the sport, having been named one of the top 15 golf coaches in the world in a recent Golf Digest cover story, which featured legend Butch Harmon personally taking a swing lesson from Gankas.

Athletic motion in your golf swing simply doesn’t happen at a magical moment when the player feels confident. By establishing a consistently effective pre shot routine, confidence will be non stop while at the range or stepping foot onto the golf course. Your pre shot routine will limit the probability of anxiety, tension or doubt to slip into your mental golf frame and have a negative impact on your playing.

Me and my golf students understand that mental golf has nearly as much influence on the success of our shots as the actual physicality behind the swing. There may not be better golf strategies than those that require players to develop these consistent swing routines, which will ultimately limited the amount of time they spend mentally preparing for each shot they take on the course.

When training for real course conditions, me and my golf students rarely treat the game like a reactionary sport. With the golf ball constantly stationary pre shot, the golfer will have full control when deciding how to address and execute their shots. Top speed golf pros with tour experience have mastered their pre shot routines and you’ll clearly notice these patterns when watching their swings.

Many critics will suggest that pre shot routine also involves time spent choosing a golf club, assessing wind direction and other variable elements that intermittently change during the course of a round. While there surely exists a midpoint between aimless players who chant the mantra fore play golf and those who meticulously plan each step of their routine before ever addressing the golf ball.

Understand that after all the variable points are assessed and decided, your pre-shot golf swing routine begins immediately before aligning yourself to send the ball sailing down the fairway.

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00:00 Paralleling Posture for Stock Shots
02:26 Consistent Lower Body Rotation
04:18 Assessing Leg Flexion in Your Swing
08:43 Understanding Right Bend
09:55 Find YOUR PowerLeak NOW


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