Consistent Driving of the Golf Ball: Understanding Ball Position

You’re here because golf is hard. I’m here because I managed to figure out how to play it well. And as the wise folks say, once you know, pass it on.

For the past 20 years, on any given day, it would have been a fair bet that I was at a golf course. On the range. On the course. Competing in tournies. Anywhere that had a tee, range, or pin. It’s my home away from home. All that club swinging landed me a win in The Evansville Men’s City Championship before I could even vote. I played 4 years at Indiana University on teams ranked in the top 10 nationally, and I competed in the U.S. Open once (plan to do that again).

I won’t say I’m the best, but I’ve been around the best. Literally the GOAT. Tiger’s locker was next to mine at the Open (I got in as an alternate and somehow that happened).

Besides hitting buckets of balls until my hands bled, I also had expert instruction along the way. Did I mention I kept notes? I still have them, and you should too. Let me help you write lower numbers on your scorecard.

Consistent Driving:
Ball position is one of the most common errors I see with students. Grab your driver, move the ball back inside your left heel and take some practice swings. Feel the sternum of your chest aimed a few inches behind the ball at address and make a solid turn in the backswing.

If you struggle with a weak fade or slice, I would almost guarantee your ball position is too far forward. Once your shoulders and hips are square you’ll be ready to hit bombs, consistently.

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