Check Which Side of Your Brain Dominants

How to Find out Your Dominant Brain Side. Finding which of your brain hemispheres is leading you can help you discover your potential and hidden talents. We all know that each side of our brain is responsible for different actions and ways of thinking. One side is usually a bit more developed, which can explain a lot of our talents, skills, and actions. Fortunately, you can find your strong side with a simple test.

Question #1. 0:49
The first thing you have to do is put your hands in the wrist-lock grip. Which thumb is on top? If it’s the left thumb, write down the letter R on your piece of paper. If it’s the right thumb, it’s a letter L for you.

Question #2. 1:25
Grab your pen, and stretch out your hand while holding it. Look at the tip of your pen as if you’re aiming at it. Keep looking at it, and close your left eye. Open it after a couple of seconds, and close your right eye instead. In which case does the image shift to the side?

Question #3. 2:10
Fold your arms across your chest. Which hand sits on top?

Question #4. 2:26
Now applaud as you usually do. Again, which one of your hands is on top?
Question #5. 2:42
Sit down, and cross your legs. If you instantly put your left leg on your right one, write down R. If everything’s opposite and you put your right leg on your left, you need an L.

Question #6. 3:00
Now wink please. if you winked with your left eye, letter R characterizes you best. If you winked with your right eye, time to put down the letter L.

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Question #7. 3:22
Stand up, and rotate on your axis a little. Are you doing it in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction? Write down R for a clockwise rotation and L for counterclockwise.

Question #8. 3:41
Write down as many vertical straight lines as you want without counting. Now do the same thing holding the pen with your other hand. count how many lines you wrote with your left hand and how many with your right hand. If you wrote more with your left hand, your letter for this one is R. If you wrote more with your right hand, it’s L. If the 2 numbers are the same, write zero.

Question #9. 4:30
Draw a circle with an arrow at the end of the same piece of paper. Just like the previous question, it’s R for clockwise and L for counterclockwise.

The results 4:52
Count all of your Rs and Ls, and put them into the final formula. You have to subtract the number of Rs from the number of Ls. Then divide your result by 9. When that’s done, multiply it by 100%. If you have more than 30%, that means that the left side of your brain is dominant. If your result is from 10% to 30%, it’s the incomplete dominance of the left side. From -10% to 10% is the sign of an incomplete dominance of the right side. And less than -10% is the true dominance of the right side of your brain.

What does your dominant side say about you? 5:56
If you have the left side dominant, it means you’re good at tasks where logic or critical and analytical thinking are necessary. You’re also amazing at learning languages and speaking — you know your way with words very well. People with a dominant right side are incredible with expressive and creative tasks. They recognize faces very easily and can read you and your emotions like a book. They have extraordinary intuition and imagination, finding inspiration in music and art.
This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind.



Question #1 0:49
Question #2 1:25
Question #3 2:10
Question #4 2:26
Question #5 2:42
Question #6 3:00
Question #7 3:22
Question #8 3:41
Question #9 4:30
The results 4:52
What does your dominant side say about you? 5:56

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