Can we Break 65 playing SCRAMBLE!?


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All right guys we are back at one of my Favorite places in the world JCB because Today I'm gonna go out there and break 65. that's right you heard me correctly Now don't laugh I'm gonna do this because I've got Assistance today it's me and Mr guy charnock We're going to go as a team Yeah try and shoot 65 excited Um I've I feel like I need somewhat of a Confidence boosted episode The golf's Not been stellar and I've been Struggling so to be able to write some Birdies on the score card is going to be Paramount today I'm excited for your Cars this could be 62 it could be 79. We've got no idea but the beauty is Obviously I'm sure everyone knows Texas Scramble we've got two goals at every Single shot so if I hit one out of Bounds which may have made it happen You'll hit a good one down the Fairway If you fat chip which may or may not Happen I'll stiff it and we'll get the Birdie so it's very very user-friendly Yes this golf course isn't easy as you Know JCB is one of the hardest golf Course I've ever played in my life and We're going to play off as far back as We can go and you know this golf course The 17th hold of Infamous par 3 island Green 250 yards Even as playing as a scramble that's

Still going to be bloody hard to make Power that's what I was thinking this Morning yeah we've got two go to every Shot but if you put it in the water on 17. I also over here in the water on 17 But I think realistically now it's break 65 what you actually think we're gonna Shoot I think anything sub 70 is a very Good effort okay but genuinely I also Believe we can shoot 65. with your short Game yep and my impeccable accuracy off The tee yeah I think we've got an Incredible chance guys stay tuned it's Gonna be fun we don't know what we're Gonna shoot it's gonna be epic stay Tuned like And subscribe and let's get Out there and go Smash Up JCP [Music] Like it I like it I like it I love it Miracles Come after disasters I'm scared so here we go first T JCB We've got off the back tees which is Comfortably over 7 000 yards now Mark General manager here is also going to Join us first from nine probably yeah We're drinking our chances are Mark What's the Target under 65 scramble yeah You've got a decent chance what's the Cross record 62. Course record it is for going through it What's the scramble cost record we'll Send it today right guys let's go so you Might see Mark a little bit in the

Background Um but let's give this our best chance Quick one do we have any tactics like is It a case of I try and get on The Fairway you smash it you smash it I go Through it I was going all guns blazing Let's figure it out okay I think you Should see our first though Okay I'm ready Is it short Oh I've been this good rate Maybe This is How we do it all the time If me and Rick become a scramble team we Could get unlikely Euro Pro Tour maybe a Challenge tour who knows I think I think we probably know so so Now because that's safe I'm gonna go a Little bit down the left Try and take a fraction of the tiger Line Oh I nailed it that is Tiger line Even though we're a team I'm massively Massively hope about driven in there It's Six now the good news for me I actually Did out drive Rick my balls there it is There obviously mine's in the bunk he's The middle of farewell so 100 taking Rick's ball for this t-shirt all right After finding the Fairway It's a good job in the end got it hey Now we've got 142 yards and pin looks

Like it's on the front right much wind It's a little bit helping is it let's Just double check Feels like it's helping us a little bit So it's nice for me yeah I like that Travel Just didn't quite catch it a little bit Heavy so yeah save club for me nine iron Commit to the strike It's about a strike it's coming nicely From the wind hit the green spin Oh well done mate thank you oh this is Coming nice it's Collecting towards the hole nice work Teamwork Makes the Dream Work my drive Your iron and then that's what one of us Box it to open up some team birdie sauce I love how friendly it is now imagine When it gets to like the 17th and then I Missed the put for four foot almost oh You know right come on start with a bird Fairly straightforward approach can be Downhill right to left [Music] That's very bad part Did you say right to left no left right Left to right downhill right to left I'll try and get it closer that was Really bad Come on come on feed Yes very very well done good for Speed Not even putting a marker down for that One hopefully not On the first nice good start

Level path through one Second oh powerful one of the shorter Par fours here at JCB but as you can see Plenty of bunkers Awaiting a volume nose is the goal with A little cut Or a little Pole That will be okay but it's It can't be the drive with juice right Right house Same as the first tee shot Yes That's my partner Should be just short that bunker I think yeah well done I didn't quite Catch it so it should held up just short I actually thought I was gonna be short Of this book but I'm not I'm in the Bunker now you think well surely this is Not the shot to go with however Guys ball finished must have hit the Draculated at the path I don't know it's Quite hard down at left side and Downhills I think it's bounded down and The shot him was so he had a blind very Hard and we've got a bunker to carry so We've decided to go for this one out the Bunker 83 yards what are you kidding for That one for your 56. okay try and use a Bit of that backstop Oh it's getting down Oh wow oh wow that is thinned over the Back okay I thought it might have caught The back of the green but nope that is

Long and over the hill stand it's gone For me and for everyone watching most of All I guess hate fairy bunker shots give Me one tip before this don't do what I Just do don't open it Trick is you've got to catch the ball First you're going to move your weight Left but I obviously exaggerated that And it hits a little bit thin so I see Some 80 watt yards okay let's do it That might have to get its teeth in as Well Oh it's doing its best Because you want to catch it a bit no But you don't want to catch it super Really hard yardage though not Horrendous that we'll get up and down All right so just off the side of the Green guys pitched up here and it's spam Back not a million miles off pin high Now Jump in I do feel I must admit I don't Want to get carried away and Overconfident I do feel Good over this because we've got to hit Up the right obviously use that slope to Feed it in the greens are quite fast so Probably land it about This area Let it Mosey on down as a Young Rick Shields would say well I might lean on You a little bit here okay to get the Job done Okay let's do it

All thinned it I thinned it Ah I taught such a good game then Ah Can I put it that's all right you can do It you can do it you can do it you even You almost sound convinced in there okay Come on [Music] Better better Save my skin there well done wasn't Quite perfect but well done a little bit Thin gotta knock it in guy From the part on the card is to get the Birdies coming soon if I break 65 book Up a nice pass to start part five third Hole dog leg left Um I think this is a bad choice you're The papa get it straight out in the Middle on the distance guy you come to At the end We can clear the bunkers or is it Ambitious today Okay I'll go down the right [Music] I've got this that trap that's perfect Keep going keep going keep going yes That's brilliant Great shot Even reasonable because that is a long Way today I was there riding it upside if it was Going to carry and it's short of the Bunkers but it's five it's in a good Spot I don't really know why I'm hitting

Because I don't think I can really beat That but just for a bit of practice [Music] Right [Music] Walker it did bounce but Okay Rick what this is a weird one we Can either go for like a six iron layup Or you can go for a free Iron inch in Your hand and help I just don't well Obviously we can't go for the green I Mean we're absolutely miles away here The green is way into the distance off These batteries in this ground condition At the moment obviously not being summer And then to win this hole is playing Like a past six so There's nothing to it throwing California It's all right five iron yeah Okay just right at the tree line on the Left Okay Skinny Might need to go a bit more left than That guy okay Let's drive Wind Yeah great strike that was absolutely Flush that proper golf shop it actually Was we should be good there so this is a Real par five this we've had a decent Tee shot from Rick a really really good Five mine from me so myself do you agree

Thank you very good and then 154 left of The pin Still Water right which we Cannot go in obviously What's the wind same into I think it's a Little bit off the right What are you thinking about seven in my Hand at the moment seven wow I was gonna Go eight but I think it's that much well I looked at the pin when we walked past It before and there's two tiers to Screen it's a kind of a top tin and Lower t on the right and it's it's on The top tier kind of middle one you want To be left with that PIN okay I'll go For a seven now I got three quarter Punchy one yeah This Turf is that again is leading to The rights the ball's gonna want to go To the right so I'm doing this left over That left trap And uh cut it into the pin hopefully Open it Thin Stinger for your teeth [Music] Take your teeth all right it's not a Hole to do that on at all I think it is Eight then yeah that was unbelievably Thin now Enjoy time Oh I hit a bank that could feed in Hopefully Big Bounce Big Bounce big bows I don't feel like it's dry enough Like it's one off dry enough all right Ah so we've been very fortunate and that

My ball has stayed up by as you can see About two feet Rick's ball was also fine But this is going to be an easier chip However after last 12 level lesson I'm Not going to talk about this shot I'm Gonna hit it and it's good it's good Okay I got a bit cocky on the last hole Oh nearly go You know I've just realized as well We've played three holes so far we've Not hit a green in regulation we don't Want to Even the first that just missed by a Yard Okay so something to aim for try and Just get it past yours [Music] It's about very good could have a go at It Yeah nice three par three holes nothing Special yet But I feel the tide is about to turn Fourth hole Par Four it's kind of a Blindish tea shot you can't see the flag Just yet it kind of goes over the hill And it's a beautiful green it's very Complicated greenness as well the pins On the right it will be hard it's a Complicated green it is complicated it's Confusing it's confused me many a time Right left side of the fairway's a goal Oh my word Brick Shields Richard Shields drive me welcome so I

Hit one or not Nah I'm not gonna I'm actually what's The point I can't beat that Rick I do think we need to pull off in Grant Now make a birdie if we don't make it Obviously JCB is known for its um Figures it's diggers and it's amazing Sausage rolls and pasties If we don't make a birdie bad a seventh Or 8th hole we're not allowed to have a Half time snack Deal deal that's the motivation that you And I need 131 yards after it I must Admit it was a good tee shot split the Fairway a gold Gap as well I'll go 50. Slightly down Breeze You want to land it right side of the Pin and let it flirt with it Come on feed him hit the slope feed in Oh it's bit I didn't it's it that well okay but it Is short Okay well I made the choice then not to Even bother hitting my driver because I Knew I couldn't beat Rick's shot so this Is my time to shine you can you can Definitely beat that one to help out the Team Come on hit the slope and move left Come on a bit more we're on the green Yeah it's not first greeting regulation Is a positive 65 Watch is still on but it's uh it's

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Certainly something we can watch 65 but Why not make it oh yeah we'll definitely Hit 65 shots right come on we need to Drain the drain a nice put Got chances Scott chance Good point Really did swing at the end then Have the legs have the legs and turn Have the legs and turn have the legs and Turn [Music] Now [Music] That was nice we got one one under three Four The show's back on the road ladies and Gentlemen Got a gorgeous hole there downhill Playing 201 yards par three Rick's got Five or six five I think it's gone see me getting six There personally I feel like I can hit a Nice big high draw five And stick it close come on Don't shape any more than that adult Shaping more than that then dig your Teeth Oh oh it's big Five's too much five's too much okay Right I've learned some Valuable Intel there so I need to make Sure I capitalize on that five would be What I was gonna hit let's go with six Oh stop turning as well how's it so nice

As well digging triple the right Distance [Music] Stay there stay there stay there stay There stay there oh that's not big as Well that's kind of Hit the Downs open And kick forward You know what I'm disappointed but I'm Also I hit that so well I couldn't do it Seven nine then and you're glad you did It at five I think I'm much bigger like I did keeping the cameras rolling hole In one I'll tell you what this is nice Fades If it fades It's going it's gonna go off as well I feel like I've been a little bit Punished there because both our shots Are actually good strikes and Ricks was Just a bit further down there man was Here so chosen mine Pretty simple chip back up would you say On paper there's quite a few greens Around here where if you if it comes in A bit too hot it kind of fall away so Yeah you can easily land off the back of The green but like I said we've got a Fairly straightforward chip back up here Um probably not a lot of breaking it may Be falling off the from the left yeah I Don't want to get too carried away but This this should be a pretty Straightforward shot

Do it Lovely chip thank you lovely chip Wrong side of the hole Rick Ah come on there's somebody nice little Instagram to this put on your Instagram And your LinkedIn Do it come on have enough Yes [Music] Well done my friend Class we're actually now we're going to Play as a three ball from now Nice work mark Rick Guy I'm nervous it's a little one isn't It this is a proper Slimy Slithery yeah serpent I mean you don't Have to put a lot on this you might Think we're over analyzing this but it's It's a slippery little one I think just Right side of the hole and just let it Feed Mosey Mosey on down okay I think that might be further away than This as I struck without a thought I'd Hold it oh my god oh okay I'll be honest with the reason I've done That is because it was my t-shirt on my Chip and I thought if I hold put as well It's a bit like unfair it's all my shot No I totally agree so I think I'll let You hold it and there's the team well Done Rick quack clap

You also actually like it slightly moved It did I'd go out the middle Nice Well well done Rick thanks just keeping My morale up Um one under three five Thank you Six hole par five Hundred and six yards which on paper Isn't that long but it's all the way Uphill this hole bunkers all the way Down the left from the tee shot and then A collection a gathering of bunkers near The green So it's a solid tee shot down the right Side I feel like we've got a bit of a Groove going now ready good how do I Think this is another birdie yes It's a bit of a blocky pushy Puppy one it's okay we're in play we're In play yeah that was a weird strike I feel that shot though Similar spot to mine [Music] It breaks the whole longer okay that's All right Okay so mine is just there They're pretty similar to each other but Guys obviously in a better position Um I think what we could have done then we Didn't really know I actually think we could have taken a Much more aggressive line up the left

Almost over that bunker but at the same At the same time for my when I'm hitting That shot I'm thinking let's roll this Room right I don't even entertain that Book there so at least we're in play Um that's a long way let's have a quick Look It's 280 yards so not getting into the Pin is it worth with those two trees on Their own do you think I should get up There yeah if you go on that line I'll Go a tiny bit more aggressive you're in Seven wood or three or three wood what That's good How's that look like it's gonna get There Oh sure that was most of it I blocked it Fraction that was nailed so the only the Only challenge we've got with that shot Is I think the next shot might be over a Bunker exactly I think I think you might Have to go right right okay I'm actually going to go on the Leaning Tree so I think it opens up from there You've done it I was coming around to me A bit more really Yeah that's fine there's two good ones Up there and you have to choose What do you think guy I don't know That's why I'm here kind of got this Little Nippy 50 yarder into a bat pin I'll let You choose because I and then guys That's in the bunker

Um That is just a slightly daunting shot Two attempts let's go bunker I think from the bunk crits and we can Still easily get close enough from there I think we have made the right call like This if this bunk goes close to the Greed it wouldn't even worry me at all It's that little slightly longer shot But I think one of us has got a good Chance to put it into six eight four Yeah and then we're just hoping a good Chance at third so 54 degree I've never got 58 in a bunker But it's a bit long it's a 54 degree and An open face get it all the way back There hit it all the way back All right Not quite all the way back No it's okay all right it's a so we've We've got that it's a five out of ten so I could possibly be a little bit more I Think you should go for it I'm almost Gonna try and land it right right on top Of the flag That's better go on Roll Out roll out Roll out yeah a little bit better that One good effort Yeah not they've actually come right Next to each other Ah you also mine pal Oh who wants to go first I'll go first Gone then That's a very good pot that's I think

It's really slow yeah because I didn't Move at all no if anything it slightly Move left [Music] Either side of it ah The one bites the dust MP5 still one Under Ah that's a big chance there Seventh hole Par Four double leg right The actual green is over there at kind Of two o'clock but Fairways down the Left can you cover the bunkers there Mark today do you think it's too bit too Much People just left of the halfway yeah Oh really no no really The best the best way is I don't know if You're only General Manager here okay I'll go I'll go at the tree and try and Cut it and hopefully it covers the Bunkers That's great Oh my that's playing long today [Laughter] Come on wind Should be right down the left but might Be a longer second shot I've gained a lot of yardage haven't I Really long really really big hitter Even though my drive was considerably Longer than Rick's going with Rick's tea Shop to that night angle for the green So right that doesn't matter so my Position was better position was better

I feel like we're starting to like Wobble a bit no no I feel like no no is There an issue yeah there is admit I'm Longer This is gonna be a long way 200 yards 200 yards what we're thinking Five or six honestly I think Smash If I Haven't trust it Across it trust it get there cross step Trust it oh it's diffraction heavy but Right on it That didn't look like that heavy in Terms of how short it came up but I Didn't think I'd shook it that no it's Like a fraction won it Okay well I've got every confidence the Wheel get up and down from that one Anyway so they're gonna get a power Regardless Let's try and get a birdie come on Commit This one you like your Firebase That's not exactly the same but heavier It's annoying it's hard just it this Time of year when the grass hasn't fully Come through on The Fairway yet and They're tight It's hard to really catch them perfect So we've got trick a little up and down Coming up okay so we just shot the green Here Um nothing too treacherous no it's just A big big slope big right to left I've Got putter out guy's gonna go with wedge If I can if I can get one

Get it nice and close you can be nice And aggressive yeah let's do it it's got A massive break on this right to left Tell you what from here I Like It Go on Keep getting better keep getting better Keep getting that's a great shot stay There now God it's gone hasn't it I Honestly thought once it got that bit it Would almost go like yeah like feed in Straight left Well it's all right we've that's a Couple of feet away I don't know if the Chip chip in this is the right play but I just feel like it takes some of this Break out of it but it kind of almost Stuns it yeah All right come on inside yours would be I could have chipped it too obviously Insanity In the hole Just speed I know that is that is a treacherous Golf shop that pins I've played that Perfect I thought as well like you say you just Stunned it almost put the brakes on Oh My days that was such a good little Strike as well This will be fully your hole if you box This one which is good you've done done Well if I miss it you know you can claim The responsibility yeah teamwork please Don't miss it uh it's just left ledge Yep never in doubt well done partner

Well that hole was I think the best we can get I think Third year would have been unachievable Birdies will come for just cat try and Rushing but they will come we've already Got one in the can let's get a few more Can't be greedy leave them out for Everyone else so I always got told okay So you might have thought we came down Here today To the gulf for the birdies For the wonderful experience we have Here at JCB every single time However Not for that it's for this Wow the sausage roll of dreams now They're saying it's a new recipe okay Okay and apparently it's got Branston Pickle and cheese inside I wanted to Review this like it's a golf club to Talk about texture who's it aimed at me It's aimed at the elites off of droll Connoisseur it's aimed at someone who's Hungry after seven holes and wonderful Size yep okay It's good proportion thickness and Length Wonderful color Um smells Incredible Uh weighty yeah that's always important Flex what about the flex it's here it's Dirty well it's stable it's not stiff That's what she said

All right I'm gonna go Oh that's hot a lot of heat there Initial thoughts right in out of ten Nine Let me come back down from heaven That is Absolutely Sensational when When I thought we'd found the best Sausage roll It's been beaten okay this is the better Improved at least when Brands come out Saying yeah this year's drivers bigger Faster longer that is as he's saying This is tastier Wonderful uh yeah more delicious yeah Amazing great 12 out of ten pie is good As well All right eight oh we won Under Um this is gonna be a tough one today Because it's 421 yards uphill into wind But because we're playing as a scramble I think getting through this with a par Will be another nice score on the card I'm on wreck Great Shout Now swing look really smooth everything A little bit slower on it or not yeah Look you could tell it's got that Sausage roll on it it's not quite gone Down just yet so I wasn't quite moving At my fastest I really don't think I can Beat that I'm not even just saying it Because that was a perfect t-shirt for This whole but I may as well try

It's a better flight yeah it's a bit Pulley height wise Might be might be all right all right Though yeah right second shot into this Very very challenging hole today Um if you normally if it's not into wind You're hitting like a mid iron from up On that hill but into wind guy was Leveling just a bit to the left 209 yards away all right Yeah this is Big Boy golf today Um pin looks like it's about right I'm gonna hit three Island just hope for The rest but this suits your shape this Oh come on turn more turn turn turn [Music] Actually that's gonna be okay Kind of right hand side of the green not Perfect it would I think it would go up The distance I'm gonna look for seven wood yeah it Might the only thing is with this Naturally it's been a seven but it does Go quite high but I think it could be the club send little To space and like it drops off exactly That my friend Not like that though Bite it Pitching wood sorry I said seven more it Was seven iron It's doing well to get here Okay Wow

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Well it was the right Club it was This is the kind of shot wreck where I Could almost see any club in the bag Being utilized it wouldn't be a bad Shout you could Loft it all the way There you could get your three without a Knuckle it across the floor you could Put it You're going for the loft bed we're Gonna go with lofted route okay I like This confident Oh he's knuffled it right and they're Bite hard oh a bit too hard That's almost two words I don't know if that's ever been said Before with me in a wedge in my hand That was almost struck too good wow Even the broken clocks I died today Okay so after seeing Rick's I'm feeling Inspired have enough very similar kind Of shot 58 degree wedge try and get this One close [Applause] Oh very nice weather mate thank you two Nice shots from down there right for a Very very team par yeah this would be Nice wouldn't it [Music] Very nice I'm a good good Oh yeah we're not cool we're not young We're not relevant This This is a hole ninth hole here at JCB Absolutely stunning part three it's

Gorgeous the 17th here is obviously the Iconic island green par three but this Hole is something special it's a Beautiful one Not gonna be easy today the 160 yards a Little bit into Breeze Obviously houses everywhere so far we're Doing all right one under not breaking Any records just yet but uh there's Birdies out there Not sure if this is going to be one but You never know Playing 160 slightly into Breeze I'm Gonna knuckle down a little kind of draw Reflighted seven iron [Music] Two drawing semi-called it gotta have Enough so I've got to keep going Oh yeah Yeah nice shot that Rick it's pit all Right it's seven every day seven every Day I'm gonna go with a six though The Maverick Oh bad hit it's gonna be similar so it's Floating a bit right We'll go around the green we'll try and Knock that in for birdie [Music] It's very well That actually wasn't far off the line it Just kind of soft thanks And protected our score okay we've got The power I think hopefully don't we Leave out there uh if it hits it it's

Missing in it Well yeah if I hit that I'm quitting goal [Music] Rocky mate Good roll ah Coming up next and there's a couple of Easier power fours on this golf course In 11 and 12. then another par five so The next four holes are absolutely Crucial we're gonna go low in this Journey of trying to break 75. See that was a real video titles break 75 not so do you think it was 65. I just Said it wrong Okay tento Batman Journey starts now We're one on the par nothing to sweat But we need to make birdies this is a Great hole um it's a it's a kind of a Slightly blind tea shop from this Vantage point we can go over the line of The trees and hopefully try and bomb one On for two Uh yes we can it's down breathe we can We shout we will we are we're gonna give It a give it my absolutely 111 miles per hour speed right Bryson [Music] Yep I'll work okay see it's on you guys Okay ShopRite thanks mate that was terrible Oh nice good ball thank you Stay safe yeah Superman right second Shot into this par five we're still A Million Miles Away aren't we yeah but

Can I get a medal there because I feel Like that was a hole I needed a good Drive on because I wasn't great enough Delivered [Laughter] Right how if I write this big tree Rick Not not much see the the tallest almost Christmas tree in the distance yes kind Of slightly moving yes on that right I Got it three Ward I love this club love This shot love this course really love The general manager as well Foreign It's not great that but it's fine The old Blue Dog right I've been Threatening moving this out the back It's a weird way of saying it moving we Move you out so we're gonna that's Scott Somebody's lost like let's use those Little rails to your advantage It's full of me literally hit the thing Off charger [Music] I don't think there's anything really no It's a par five it's okay we'll have a Shot in ah that wasn't great right we've All found them they're pretty much next To each other That's what we're faced with Dongle shot yeah and don't go long Because it falls off the other side as Well Um are you gonna stun it into the bank Hold on all the way

I don't know if it's dried quite dry Enough and fast enough to stun it in the Bank now I'm gonna try and just land Near the flag and just Help for the best of tough shot this but I've got a nice lie before you get on The green now okay then you can be Aggressive Ah What an idiot I'm sorry it's all right I love this shop I'm more annoyed that I didn't actually Mind that I wasn't actually that worried About it I was quite Excited for it Okay so I've got to step up and hit a Shot come on you can do it I think so You can do it Do I got super aerial just go now just Gotta take a nice strike nice floaty one In there Oh be good so hard That's great from there that will take That come on stop yep Pretty good Okay so don't big this one up too much But this is a I would say a must make we're kind of Plugging along getting Powers which is All right but we want to be going Underpower It's the birdie chance of what 24 maybe 25 foot swinging quite a bit off the Right

Come on Rick it's your time I've got a Nice point on this good good [Music] Like it I like it I like it I love it Yes Veggie sauce good in place of that Camera Two under time to go lower Okay 11th hole 200 now shows on the road There's two two holes back to back here 11 and 12 which are the easiest path Falls on the golf course doesn't mean They're they're Completely easy best chance of making Birdie yes um so I'm just gonna hit Driver straight over the bunk with Little cuts Should be perfect don't think I've hit It well enough I should be perfect Yeah it's fun well they went straight in The bunker On the third the one is it really bad oh Wow it was really out the bottom [Music] Hit it well enough so Yeah that's fine how the face but I Don't mind that Right well I actually feel hot I was in the bunker Shore I didn't Actually realize it carried thankfully So because we thought guys was perfect But it's kind of on the mulch and it's Blocked out yeah so thankfully we've got A nice look at this now this is every

Time I played this golf course in this Whole particularly I absolutely love This yes I think it's my favorite hole So good I absolutely love this I love That pin position as well just kind of Front it's their perch it's ready to be Attacked it's also surrounded by Dangerous and dangerous pull it left It's in the water push it right and it's In the bunker which is an impossible Third shot I'll just go straight at it And break the flag which is hopefully The option we're going for literally Destroy the flag 89 yards Come on Oh It's a weird one Oh Sounded a bit odd that I like it I like The results just Sounded weird It's not criticism it's just a Observation Okay is it from it's holding it sounds Weird And then they missed it So Rick's got his quite close I can't See me get inside that but yeah Foreign Okay this is our shortest birdie Opportunity yeah yeah Out obviously Sun's coming out It's birdy time

Don't see a lot breaking this It's been almost straight and maybe just Going left right at the end Downhill Come on Oh it did turn at the end how quiet has It just gone In that It has that air really quiet right well We've got the four but as you saw that I Mean honestly I reckon I went there I think you've almost got to go there Okay big put then in it [Music] Yeah good work that was class Oh my days At the end isn't it it really really Went three under yes back to that bird Is serious now and A drivable par 4 coming up next It's back on [Music] 12th hole It's beautiful on this it's a drivable Par Four it's actually playing with down Hill that's playing 260 yards slightly Down Breeze Um there's water that wraps around the Front and kind of the right hand side of The green so the left side of the pin Green and let it feed is the line Three Woods Three Wood each okay 300 now Oh I've noticed it well enough That's on the island on the right Ah hit that really bad okay time to step

Up Oh Hello Hello Can we see it Okay so mine touch them really well not Quite on the green as you can see but Just came up short but pretty happy with That the pressure was on on the t-shirts I'm happy kind of semi-delivered we've Got Ricks and put it next to mine two Chance at this rate let's get it close I Mean this is chipping eagle It's not all the way off the cards no It's on the cards definitely there's the Cards and shipping Eagle is actually on It so yeah no I'm yeah I do okay right So 58 degree Land it on the green so it feed into the Hole Find it on the green keep going and let It feed into the hole Got that sped up did it passed the whole I was like I must admit I struck that Perfect but after the hole just went Decent chance I think there though okay So I'm gonna go slightly more a lot but The same spot as guys and just let it Sweet round For a lower Jackie alone but it could Actually work out better Get in Here's the speed of it caught

Okay so after the last birdie record Fingers crossed There's some three in a row yeah That hole this hole in a row and this my Friend is for your own birthday my own Genuine birdie You can off the right side and just to Get to four under Very nice I wasn't even looking at that Right four under Three birdies on the bounce and a power Five coming up let's go Half five 30 chance do you think that's A tough one this it's all about the Drive I find this the hardest driving Hole on the golf course okay Um we're gonna see a draw on this one or What do I want to hit I think your old Draw would be perfect on that Red Stake And whip it round okay if we do that if We can get a good drive away one of us Then there's a possibility getting close To the green I'm not sure if we can go Drive three would pop pop what has just Thrown on me though as well guys we're Doing really nicely now we've got to 400. They were that was the kind of easier Stretch yes we've also got the harder Initials such as 17. yeah it could all Unravel but let's not get ahead of Ourselves right driver I don't want to Draw it just off that little tree That is absolutely perfect

In my humble opinion do you agree Mark Yeah I can see it yeah good shot yeah It's only just over that problem I don't Think I can really beat that but it's Only just over the bum Yeah I don't think I can beat that Genuinely but I've wrapped this I'll hit One Foreign Guys just out from the right man is just On the left For me probably yours is a better angle I would say so it's a better flatter lie As well You can see a lot more of the hole from Yours can indeed And what a hole it is It's incredible here at JCB just come up This hill a little bit Let me show you If you get a bit further down it's a It's an awesome second shot into the Green but obviously it's a bit colder Today not traveling quite as far so the Safest shot is to blast up the left-hand Side but then it's not particularly easy Either you've got the Himalayas over There and scattering the bunker so That's the shot you've got to play Because getting to the Green from here Is impossible With all that said though I can't see Any water there's no water there's Nothing to worry about

Um yeah the good thing is like Rick said Normally when it's bit nicer wind Helping you go with the green too we Can't entertain not today can we no so It's down that left side And just forget there is water there What water there's no water That should be perfect Yeah very strange one I can't quite out The tail but so I can probably just go a Fraction more right yeah you've got a Bit more you can bite off if you like I'll go a touch more right see if we can Just cut off a bit more of the corner Tell you what it's done just that Yeah that's the last class I found a bit Dropkicky was it or was it not I'm not Because it went amazing drop kicked out The middle of the face no it was amazing Don't be wrong it just sounded I think I Just used the rails the rail technology Of the Cobra F of seven Old Bluey to you and me [Music] Okay third shot into this par five after A really nice tee shot from guy a good Second shot from me Let's see if one of us can stick one Close here for the Third 109 yards pins in the back left corner Of the green It's a little bit of a backstop but I Don't think it's going to spin off that And a good gap wedge straight at it

That's in the hole come on be the right Number Oh my word [Music] He is absolutely on fire Oh our Golf Shop I actually genuinely Thought I was in the whole life Wow it Just felt like the perfect yardage it Looks so good it is there's literally no Point having to go with this but Just about this because you can still You can still beat it Yeah Oh hello Oh my God We were saying the first on the First Tee whether if we do a scramble way we Can get an European tour oh just maybe Wow just maybe I'm Speechless it gives you confidence I've Done it yes oh look at these two oh my Goodness That's crazy I mean mine's pitched there Is right in front of it Oh yeah For our fourth birthday in a row and to Get to five under par Yes sauce it baby Very nice I'm not mine as well even Though we've got the actual birdie Very nice God this is getting interested So can we continue this incredible run No okay

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[Laughter] Confidence uh 14th hole Par 3 170 yards slightly into Breeze beautiful whole list the green is So interesting the pin actually looking At things is actually in its most Fair Position Um Get a bit cold a bit into winds I'm Going to hit a six iron Oh that was a shot I meant to hit but Started further left It's perfect for distance put a bit Right Yeah I was meant to hit that little fade In there but I just started it too Straight To mine it's a great strike annoyingly Literally right now follow each other Around aren't we literally right next to Each other okay so we're gonna use my One here Rick's just a little bit Further down it went down this slope and Didn't stop Realistically Shuts itself shot it is it probably Should be a putter but It's so downhill once it gets those Little lump it's gonna just go I feel Like a little bit of check off the 50 Degree a bite so let me just show you This what which might be hard to see on Video up to this point it's fairly flat And then it goes over this buried whale

And it's off so it's just going to be so Fast once it gets over that juices going Up to the right or I can't really judge What it's going to do Yeah and then they actually go back the Other way as well okay so fairly Straight [Music] That's a beauty they just roll so much Though against took it nice about it Yeah I think to be honest though some Degree if I can just get putter to Almost stop on that hit then it then let Go then it It looks so short but it could well get There Right apart a testing one Is off the right It's pretty straight okay pretty Straight I'm gonna go slightly right Because I feel like that but And it was straight is it straight yeah I guess how'd you can't remember the Last time I missed one of them It's been a while how does it feel To the best goal from the planet Yeah all right four to go Some really really good holes as well 15th hole hardest hole in the golf Course stroking next one 402 yards a Great t-shirt you've got a kind of Really shape it towards the Fairway a Little drawer is perfect this green is Three-tiered lower middle and drop down

At the end I had a sneaky Peak earlier And actually pinned on the frontier so a Good drive and it should be a nice Little pitch in Is that good it's covered it Oh yeah it's huge Oh my days come on get Up get up get up get up get up yeah it's Pretty good it's just in the rough but It's fine a little bit too much draw Oh that's nice that's a good girl shot Really good me and Rick both hit pretty Good drives their mouths a little bit Closer on this side to become his mind Eight to six yards to the flag but Actually playing less than that just Bouncing forward Mark who are playing With hit when it rolled a bit through so I'm gonna try and place like almost 80 Yards I think I'm actually going to Watch yours for a bit of Intel okay [Music] That should be good [Music] Yeah really nice effort yeah it's you Actually landed that quite a bit short Was it yeah about 15 foot away maybe 20 Foot so what did you go with 58 we're in The 58 I mean I thought it was money but It's a shame it's just maybe a yard too Far back through the flag you've got That trees you're lying see the one just See the top of it [Music] Very similar to mine that could be good

A bit short again is it Yeah nearly oh just They were close to be really good Good news is we've got a good chance That birdie with my one two temps it Obviously I think we can do it I've got Faith that's not must have been close Right here we go for birdie here on 15 And this would be a real bruisy bonus Because this isn't an easy hole would Um up the hill right to left I'm gonna Swing a lot less in it yeah Right at the end it's going to snap Oh it's a bit firm but as you can see Right online The same as me Yeah Good if we were playing balls I'll knock in the par A very good right no harm done Two pars on the score card three to go Next hole to be honest You can actually get pretty close on the Next hole What I'm gonna do now five five under It's nice to say this yeah there's not Really a massive birdie chance left is There anyway next hole is 16th hole path For beautiful whole list I must admit Normally it's sunny summer you can Actually really be aggressive here and Carry over the big quarry on the right Hand side I think because we're playing Scramble

I still think there's a benefit of going For it But it's going to take a couple of good Hits to get there I'll get over that The majority of the trouble And go straight at the bunker Left side of mince pie hole Ciao Could be your best today Yeah great hit Great hit The eagle has landed Safely on the other Fair A1 that was Nice I must do it I enjoyed that It is a nice real nice benefit if I can Continue this style of like confident Play yeah when you have to play on your Own I think it's a huge benefit like you Play everybody back up first and that Can hit a shark The backup driver stunt car Thunderball Right I'm gonna try and just out drive That one because there's no way I can Beat it in reality so a bit of speed on See what I can do [Music] That's really nice that's probably going To take on a bit more it gets over Though it is over Oh yeah very good Okay after two very good drives Um Pretty much right in the middle here

Guys just like the right hand side so We're gonna go with this one there's Nothing much in it to be honest Um This is our last legitimate chance for a Birdie because the 17th again the 250R Par 3 island green Not sure we'll make it Birdie on that Today and then the 18th is a really Challenging hole as well so I feel like it's our last legitimate Chance So I'm gonna go 60 degree Just gonna try and land it all the way There Tag team I'm in It's like a WWE Tag Team I honestly Genuinely for the first time a long time I felt so confident over that as well Why I don't know but I did we'll do it Don't worry Get up Oh guy We can make a path We can do it we missed the green ah Annoying But I've got a thought on this we messed Up All of the most iconic shots In the World of Golf They've always come after a terrible Shot correct so if you want a miracle You've got to First find disaster okay Allow that to Enlighten you today right

[Music] Oh that's beautiful in the hole in the Hole in the hole Miracles come after disasters Fairly miracle Hit the green medium miracle Right yeah we uh didn't quite play that The best way but good drive one Miracle Good drive good shots one Miracle five Under with two to play 65's looking Most likely however In the 60s is definitely comfortably on However ever You've seen it before on the channel 17th hole here at jcv one of the most Iconic holes in the world of golf 250 Yards island green all over water Now Let's see if we do slightly better [Music] Right 17th it's such a good old it's class Um just up to two four six yards we're Playing 222 yards but went into the face In turn off the left So it's probably not playing off far off The 240. it's anything on dry land yes What I'm thinking through I am stupidly I took my three iron out the bag today For seven Ward it's not seven wood so it Might have to be a soft three wood I'm scared is it not I don't know it Seems a bit strong three wood but but

What what else can I hit myself Okay the office there see what you do First Wind Should be enough should be dry is it dry It's dry good news is we could get apart From there between the two of us ah just Didn't knot it it was plenty enough club That was that was like fine I just hit It slightly from the toe and the wind is Ever slightly helping off the left and It kind of the tone the wind just kind Of neutralized it I'm gonna go with the Seven Ward this is a club down the Driving range I love on the course I'm Still not I don't know I don't expect Basically so wish me luck Good It's high in fading floats here but it's Locked to the pen It's looking like it might be in the Bunker Whack whack you thought that didn't you I did I called it but we'll get up and Down from yours or maybe shipping so It's fine Okay Dry land was found yes mission one Accomplished now it's about getting up And down and making power I am going to put this okay Um It's gonna be a challenge you've got to Give it a good whack and then once it

Gets up on top of the hill it's going to Scoot on down Wow it's quick in it this may not be the Right play but this 50 degree today has Been pretty uh Pretty good formation to try and dig it Into the bank and release up and then Come back down to the hull And give us a real chance at path Oh It hit a hard time hole it's catching Right right to left slightly down the Hill this is a huge process we can't Absolutely needs a whole less This Didn't move did it That's a weird part Do not move I thought right now it's a Lot straighter than it's a lot you can't See it being straight but I've just seen Your Port literally right Edge if you Have to Ah first bogey on the score card There's never going to be a hole where We'd get a bogey it was inevitable to be The 17th One hole to go four under I was down trap for being in the 70s 60s 60s I think 65 now is well and truly Vamushed oh that's annoying wow so it's Like it's just a tough bloody hell it Really is I hate that then I could I saw What your pot did of my own two eyes I Still didn't fully trust you I mean it's

It looked like it was like that it was Going to go for the right Never mind one more to go Right last hole Par Four sweeping to the Left requires a great tee shot you can Be aggressive hyper aggressive and go Over this left-hand side which is the Plan for me and guy is it okay yes boss I'll go and aggressive which is your Actual line so see Christmas tree the Christmas tree I just left of it oh Sugar that that far left oh they're just With a cut Christmas tree with a draw okay oh wow With a draw Straight over the Christmas tree [Music] Great shout thing is it Mark A little left Touching gal I think I think that's Absolutely perfect okay I think it's perfect It's a Christmas tree Go Riot go right of mine but mine is all The Christmas tree yeah [Music] We're both next to each other I think they're both Monday Okay second shot here into 18 we're just Both at the left hand side uh guys we're Just in a slightly better spot this Green's really interesting it's like a Big U shape and then it's kind of Two-tiered as well the pin is on the

Left side and on the lower tier Um so we can just see the flag perched Up on the hill there It's 136 yards but playing 145 yards Because of the uphill Ready I'm going pitching wedge which You think it's like on the club but I Just got a feeling it's going to get There yeah I've got mine in my hand at The moment adrenaline pumping okay Ah Caitlyn's pumping Bounced the balance it was thin I do think that was the right club Though I don't know if with the or46 is The right club though I do think it's the right Club Okay I'm gonna go nine That looks all over it's the right Number That's the right number that's all over It right come on Nice Shot into the 18th yes very nice Shines the 18. we've got a nice little Pillar I See it fall into the left slightly but Not by a lot okay In fact I don't know I'm almost Questioning is it quite straight You go through every feel right and if It doesn't go in our whole like cut off The promise from me to you on camera I Think it's straight okay Before this though Rick have you enjoyed Yourself I've had a wonderful time guys

I'm glad of you yeah it's been a good It's been really good I really enjoyed It thanks as always to JCB it's an Amazing place And let's see if we can finish off with A birdie Which will be a 67 yeah First time I've ever shot 67. It's me too Yes get the furry sauce gone out now I Didn't think it was quite gonna go then Well in my friends Class 67 on the score card uh nice Little confidence boost it's nice to see The birdie Source back out again so make Sure it doesn't expire and we'll be back Next week with more fantastic content be Sure to like And subscribe if you Enjoyed this format make sure you leave A comment down below and we'll see you Very soon 67. See you later