In Episode 3, we discuss how to make a golf swing for a bunker shot. What does a backswing in the bunker look like and what are the keys to creating a good backswing in the bunker. In Bunker Basics for Beginners, golf swing for a bunker, we discuss everything you need to know so you can set yourself up for a repeatable bunker play. This is the third of a four part series for beginner golfers. It is time to improve your bunker play.

Event with a great set up, clubface angle and posture a bad golf takeaway can ruin a golf swing for the bunker. In this video we discuss bot the backswing and the through swing so you can improve your bunker shots. For a new golfer bunkers are challenging, it is hard enough to play off the grass and now it is impossible to play from the sand. Sand conditions are rarely perfect and never the same. The keys to good bunker play that we discuss will help you be more successful in all types of bunker lies and bunker conditions. To a new golfer bunkers are the worst. Everyone is so afraid of bunkers, its seems the goal is more to avoid the bunker than to hit the green. This series of beginner golf tips for the sand will drastically help your golf game.

In this video series from the Short Game Pros, we teach you how to play a bunker shot golf. Do you know how to hit a greenside bunker shot? If not, we will teach you how to play a greenside bunker shot. If each of the four 5-minute videos in this Keys to good bunker play series we discuss a different basics that will help you get more efficient from the sand on the golf course. Sand trap help is essential for all new golfers because scoring is not just about a good golf swing. Learning to score in golf and creating a complete game is learning how to play all shots on the course and especially not being afraid of any.

All of the short game requests we get, help with bunker shots might be the number one request. I think the reason people want help with bunkers shots is first to eliminate all the bad theories and messages they have in their head, and then two how to get out of the bunker consistently. Need sand trap help, let’s go back to the basics. Like every shot in golf, we can either keep it simple or over complicate it. In this video series keys to good bunker play we try to keep it really simple so you can improve your bunker game faster.

In this video we discuss everything you need to do to have a great golf swing for a bunker shot. The topics we discuss are great for any golfer to get back to the basics, but especially helpful for new golfers. This information will help with bunker shot for juniors. The golf bunker shot for junior is the same as what we teach in this video series. To new golfers bunkers will be challenging until you practice these bunker basics. This tactics will help junior golfers learn the basics and it will help with the bunker shot for junior.

There are many keys to good bunker play and we cover them in this four part series, bunker basics for beginners. Do you need help in the bunker? If so, you are in the right place. This video series will help you get on track to hit better bunker shots today. If you are struggling with bunker shots, this video is for you. Golf sand help new golfer.

Thank you for watching Episode 3 of Bunker Basics for Beginners, golf swing for a bunker. We hope you keep watching and click Episode 4, so you can continue to improve your bunker shots.

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