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Are You Looking for the Perfect Golf Swing?

While golfing, it is your individuality which counts. So stop copying other people’s body movements as they hit their golf balls. Their movements have their own privacy. You should go for your own. For a good golf, body positioning is important as it determines the golf swings.

Confused How to Start to Practice Golf?

Regular and focused golf practice sessions are important to become a better golfer and achieve lower scores. However, most golfers do not practice the game in an efficient or focused way and approach their practice sessions randomly. To practice your golf game more effectively, you need to identify your golf improvement goals before you practice.

Golf Iron Tips for Consistent Contact

If there is one part of the game of golf that causes the most frustration it may be the trouble many people have hitting consistent, solid iron shots. You may send your drives further off-line and you may throw away some shots around the green but fat, thin and topped iron shots can ruin a golf game in a hurry. So is there one fundamental swing tip for irons that can help with all this?

Golf Tips For Driving – Personal Advice or Technological?

The game of golf is one that is exciting, great exercise and a terrific workout for your concentration. There are a number of very important steps that you need to learn when taking up golf.

Golf Tips for Duffers From a Tennis Pro

A different mental approach will knock 12 strokes off your game, create less stress, and help you to enjoy your total golfing experience. Next time you play take with you the mindset that your goal is to play bogie golf: 90 or better. To do that, easily and reasonably, DO NOT have the goal of hitting greens in regulation. Have the goal of hitting “greens in regulation plus one.”

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Golf Balls: Some Little Known Interesting Facts

Without golf balls we would not be able to play golf. But often we don’t give a second thought to those little balls we play with each and every game we play. So I researched about golf balls and found some of these little known facts, and now I’ll share them with you.

El Dorado Hills – A Wise Choice of Abode

How do you spend your weekends, vacations, and holidays? What recreational activities do you like most? Do you consider sports as one of these activities?

Golf Caddy Cooler

There are all kinds of Golf Caddy Coolers on the market, but I prefer the kind that you can ride. Check out these different kinds of Caddy Coolers, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Solve Golf Slice Issues Through 4 Simple Swing Hints

Slicing is amongst the most common problems that golfers will experience on the course. There are a lot of things that may lead you to slice the golf ball and it may often be tough to identify what is actually causing the slice or how to cure it. This can lead to frustration and has driven a large number of players to simply quit golfing. However, the solutions below can make it easier to defeat this issue and put you well on your way to a slice free game.

The Open Golf Championship – Interesting History

The Open Golf Championship, also known as the British Open, is held on the third Friday of July each year. It is steeped in history and in this article I’ll share with you just a little bit of the history of the Open Golf Championship.

Stay Fit for Golf With Golf Flexibility Exercises

If you want to remain fit for golf, then golf flexibility exercises should be part of you golf training schedule. Amateur golfers who never seem to get better at the game often exclude golf flexibility training from their golf exercise program – if they even have such a program – but doing so is tantamount to accepting that they will never get better – and that is exactly what happens! Golf is a very flexible game: it involves rotational movements from the ankles to the head, and in order to play at your best, and to get the maximum…

Improve Your Golf Swing Speed Today

Anyone tired of high golf scores may want to consider examining ways to improve golf swing speed. A lot of techniques, programs and aids are available on the market offering claims that they have the secret for helping players increase their golf swing speed.

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