Senior Golf Clubs – How Many Clubs are in a Golf Bag?!

When it comes to senior golfers, it’s important to know how many clubs are in a golf bag. Dean Butler guides you through how many sernior golf clubs you can have in your bag!

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I get asked quite a lot, how many Hybrids should I actually have in my golf bag as my members go to my first tee. And it’s one of those questions that says you can’t just say there’s a number, everyone’s got their own individual needs. So the first thing I would say is just get the golf bag and see what you’ve got. When was the last time you played that three iron and four iron which is certain and I can tell by most people’s golf clubs that they are actually brand new, that the clubs are 10 years old.

So you obviously not using that three or four iron on a regular basis. So straight away by looking at that, we can say, okay, so we are not using that three and four iron this is the reason why. Well I find the too difficult, okay, well let’s take the three or four iron out and let’s replace it with one Hybrid. Now you can put one Hybrid in to cover those two golf clubs. First of all, that three and four iron to get that ball hit beautifully, you’ve got to hit it right at that sweet spot, the loft is so low, its not forgiving, its somewhat twisting, the line has to be perfect, blah, blah, blah.

With a Hybrid, we’ve got a very forgiving club, deep cavity, weight around the perimeter, weight down nice and low just so easy to use, it could be a poor like, it could be a good like. So first of all, let’s look in your golf bag, which clubs are we not using? If we are not using them, why are we carrying them? We’ve got 14 clubs in our bag as a maximum; let’s take those two clubs out, if that leaves you now with 12 clubs, well, maybe we’ve got room to put two Hybrids in. I’m not saying you have to but you can if you want to.

So a good range of Hybrids for me that I’ve seen are on the Thomas Golf website, you go on there, they’ve got a great range of Hybrids, very, very easy to use. I’ve got one in my hand today, so the set up from that would be, the ball position would be in the same position as what it would be would be for the iron that you are going to replace it. If you could replace that three and four iron, put the hybrid in the same position. And the only difference be is instead of trying to hit through and up, we are going to try and hit down and through because this club and this weight is going to do the job for you, its that easy.

So to answer that question, how many Hybrids should you have, first of all, look at your golf bag, look at what clubs you are not using, and if you are not using them, take them out, have something in your bag that you can use of the fairly, out to the roof, off the tee. And more importantly, some of that is so forgiving, you’ll wonder why you even have it in your bag in the first place. So hopefully I’ve answered the question for you.

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