Break 75 is back! In this blog post, the reader will discover how he or she can achieve their best golf game and break the elusive score of 75. With expert tips, techniques, and strategies, they will have all the tools necessary to improve their skills on the course and reach new heights in their golfing journey. So, if you are ready to take your golf game to the next level and achieve that sought-after breakthrough, keep reading and get ready to tee off with confidence!



Rick Shiels Golf, a renowned golf YouTuber, never fails to amaze his audience with his exceptional golf club reviews and coaching videos. With his genuine desire to help players improve their golf game and enjoy it more, Rick’s latest video titled “Break 75 Is Back!!!” is bound to captivate both golf enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. In this video, Rick is joined by Seb Carmichel Brown in Germany as they embark on a challenging journey to break a score of 75 at the Mercedes Trophy World final. Let’s delve into the details and experience the thrills of this remarkable golfing adventure!

A Beautiful and Challenging Golf Course

The setting for this exhilarating challenge is a beautiful and picturesque golf course in Germany. The course possesses an intricate layout and presents various challenges that put Rick and Seb’s golfing skills to the test. With its stunning scenery and well-maintained greens, this course becomes the perfect backdrop for their pursuit of breaking the coveted score of 75.

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Rick and Seb’s Ambitious Goal

Motivated by their unwavering passion for golf, Rick and Seb set their sights on achieving the elusive goal of breaking a score of 75. As they step onto the first tee, the anticipation and determination are palpable. Both golfers showcase their expertise and swing the clubs with finesse, in a bid to conquer the course and attain their target score.

A Spectacular Start

The video begins with Rick effortlessly hitting a fantastic shot off the tee. The ball soars through the air, landing precisely where Rick intended it to be. This shot not only showcases Rick’s exceptional skill and precision but also sets the tone for an exciting and exhilarating round of golf.

Seb, not to be outdone, follows suit with a remarkable shot of his own. The crowd cheers as the ball glides through the air, gracefully finding its way onto the fairway. The chemistry between Rick and Seb is evident as they support and encourage each other throughout the game, creating a captivating dynamic between the two golfers.

The Quest for Birdie

As the game progresses, Rick finds himself in a promising position to score a birdie on the first hole. With his signature focus and determination, Rick carefully analyzes the green before making his crucial putt. Unfortunately, luck is not on his side, as the ball falls just inches short of the hole. Despite this setback, Rick remains composed and resilient, ready to tackle the next challenge that awaits him.

Breaking Down the Barrier

Throughout the video, Rick and Seb face a series of obstacles and challenges that test their skills and resolve. However, they fight through adversity, consistently showcasing their prowess in strategic shot selection, accurate ball striking, and masterful chipping and putting techniques. As the round progresses, Rick and Seb inch closer to breaking the elusive score of 75, rekindling hopes of achieving their shared goal.

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In Rick Shiels Golf’s thrilling video, “Break 75 Is Back!!!”, viewers are treated to a captivating display of skill and determination as Rick and Seb embark on a mission to conquer a challenging golf course and achieve the coveted score. With the stunning backdrop of the German golf course and the undeniable camaraderie between these talented golfers, the video offers a truly immersive and engaging experience. Rick Shiels Golf once again demonstrates why he is one of the most respected figures in the world of golf content creation, inspiring countless viewers to push the boundaries of their own golfing abilities.


  1. Who is Rick Shiels?

    • Rick Shiels is a popular golf YouTuber known for his golf club reviews and coaching videos.
  2. What is the aim of Rick Shiels Golf?

    • Rick Shiels aims to help players improve their golf game and enjoy it more through his instructional content.
  3. Where is Rick Shiels playing golf in the video?

    • Rick Shiels is playing golf in Germany at the Mercedes Trophy World final.
  4. What challenge are Rick and Seb attempting to overcome?

    • Rick and Seb are attempting to break a score of 75 during their golf round.
  5. What happens on the first hole?

    • Rick misses a putt for birdie on the first hole, narrowly missing the opportunity to score below par.