Every golfer wants to get that PURE strike and access the best iron shots they can possibly hit! THIS IS HOW YOU CAN DO JUST THAT! 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO ACCESS YOUR BEST IRONS STRIKE

Achieve that ball then turf impact and that strike that is no LONGER thin or fat? or too much turf. I have a question for you… have you been asking your golf mates questions like this?

How do you strike your irons? How do you stop fatting your irons? How do you stop thinning your irons? What is the best iron drills i can do? What is the best drill to get that ball first contact? How do you make the iron swing simple? How do you hit your irons better? What is the best drill to compress your irons? Learn how to strike your irons pure!

Does that sound like you? then make sure you watch this youtube video with PGA golf and world leading golf coach Alex Elliott golf.

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