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— Tips on Golf Swing

Golf swing has an important part of a success start and ends in playing golf, although factors

like wind evaluation and putting techniques are also vital to complete golf game.

Ideal stance, posture, grip, and swing motion are the combination of the best golf swings.

Grip tips
To hit the ball at a straight angle needs a good grip to control the clubhead. The overlapping

grip and the interlocking grip are the two main grips.

You need to find a grip that is comfortable in your hand and gives you maximum control of your

clubhead. Never give up to try out different grip and see how they feel and what impact they

make on the ball.

Stance Tips
Keep feet apart. You want to keep the ball from the middle between the legs. This means that the

ball is in the center a little closer to the forefoot.

One leg is slightly bent to help your swing in bulk. Do not bend your legs too much, though. A

good way to present your position is to think the railroad tracks.

Swing tips
There are three basic parts in the golf swing: the takeaway, the backswing, and the downswing.

To execute a proper takeaway, you will want to keep your arms and club straight as you pull


Your shoulders can tilt a bit, but for the most part, your body will remain very still during

the takeaway. As you pull the club back, shift your weight to your back foot.

The backswing is one of the trickiest parts of the shot. As your takeaway angle reaches 45

degrees, you will cock the club over your head.

The downswing should be the reverse of your backswing. You will shift your weight from your back

foot to your front foot as you uncoil the club.

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