All Powerful Golf Swings Have THIS In Common

Everyone wants a more powerful golf swing, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to create a strong, powerful golf swing. We examine Rory McIlroy and Cameron Champ’s golf swings, and break down how they generate power in their golf swings.

After learning this key to a more powerful golf swing, you’ll be able to master the transition in your golf swing, generate more club head speed, and hit the golf ball further!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George calling with scratch golf tips And today we're going to be talking About the powerful golf swing and one Commonality that all powerful golf Swings have now it's no secret that Great powerful golf swings yield to Great golf results in terms of ball Striking scoring and consistency on the Golf course so today we're going to be Looking at some of the most powerful Golf swings what I did was I went Through the PGA Tours driving distance Statistic whoever had the highest so We're going to be looking at two people In the top three which are Rory McIlroy And Cameron Champ and what we're going To be discussing in these golf swings is What is called leveraging the ground in The golf swing when I say leveraging the Ground what I'm referring to is the Pushing up off the ground to generate More power through transition and at Impact in your golf swing what this Looks like is when you're coming down so This is the transition move at the top Of your swing when you're coming down Through the ball what a lot of golfers Will do is they will straighten their Leading leg so for a right-handed golfer You're going to be pushing off the Ground and straightening your left leg In an effort to generate more power this Allows a much more explosive move in

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Transition if you're pushing off the Ground it allows your upper body to Rotate a lot more and just create a lot More Club head speed which generates That powerful golf swing that so many People strive for so first off let's Look at Cameron Champ's golf swing You'll see his left leg straighten up Through that transition into the ball And you can see how his left side or the Left part of his body continues in to Utilize the power from the ground when You're straightening out that leg it Allows everything to be really uncoiled Effectively generating obviously like I Said earlier more Club head speed more Club head speed through the ball means More distance more power another thing That you can notice in Cameron Champ's Swing is the amount of lag that he has That lag is created through generation Of a lot of Club head speed which is is Generated through leveraging the ground So if you want that lag which he also Gets through shallowing the club then This is another great way to do that now Shallowing the club many people find it Quite difficult but if you're leveraging The ground that actually allows you to Shallow the cloud a little bit more Effectively because it's giving you more Time if you don't leverage the ground And you skip that part and you're just Going to shift your weight right onto

Your side naturally through horizontal Sway you're not going to you're not Going to have enough time to get those Hands down you're going to come across Quick you're going to come across the Ball with an out to in club path and That leads to not only a slice but a Reduction of distance in doing so now It's hard to make a video talking about The golf swing and what we should be Doing correctly without seeing some type Of video from Rory McIlroy especially With Rory McIlroy having a driver in Hand now here you can see Rory's wide Takeaway and notice how stable his base Is his feet are nice and far apart They're further apart than shoulder Length which is a great way to be Setting up with the driver specifically And then he just has some nice spinal Tilt in the the top of the backswing Into transition and that left leg just Shoots into the ground and then extends Right up and ideally what we want to see Is that left leg that knee basically Blocking and that left leg being Entirely straightened right at the Impact point with the golf ball now this Move is not necessarily a natural move It's inherently athletic to time up this Explosive move through impact and for Some people who really don't leverage The ground very effectively it's Entirely foreign so be sure as always to

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Take your time implementing this into Your golf swing and as with any Implementation it is very important to Film your swing from the angle that I Showed these videos the prior videos to You at that's called the caddy view when You're looking facing your chest and you Can see the weight transfer you can see That left leg straightening out if you Film from behind you then you're not Going to see it at all your leading leg Is going to be hidden so be sure to film From the proper angles and analyze it Correctly I wish I could tell you that The first day that you try and implement This move into your doing everything Will go swimmingly and you're going to See that power come out in your carry Distances unfortunately it's not the Case it's going to be difficult it might Take some time but this is a very Attainable move and once it's down it is Such a key part in so many ball Strikers Games let me know in the comment section Below if you have tried leveraging the Ground in your golf swing and how it's Gone I'd love to hear also if you have Any other methods of generating more Club head speed or more power in your Golf swing leave them in the comment Section below so I can read them and Anyone else watching this video can read Them as well if you enjoyed this video Please leave a like rating we really

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